What a Great Day

Today was such a good day. It was such a good one that I just can't not blog about it. This will be a short post because I have to go to bed, but here's how the day went.

Woke up at 7:23 AM and had to leave for work by 7:35. Yes I did it! I threw on a hoodie, put my hair in a ponytail, had minimal amounts of makeup on, and then flew out that door. Made it to work on time.

Came home after work and really got ready. I showered, put on a cute outfit, and curled my hair. I haven't curled my hair in so long it feels like! I loved it!

Went to Marriage Prep class which I have with my great friend Emily. We talked about everything like always and then walked home together and it was just fun. Love that girl!

Met up with my friend Lauren at Starbucks for hot chocoate. I haven't seen her in a while, but she's one of my best friends so it just made my day to see her. It was full of smiles and laughter which is always happy. :)

Went to class. Boy mentioned in this post talked to me and struck up a conversation. :) :) :) We did measurements on each other and I left early because I was going to do my visiting teaching. I want to skip and run all the way home. I didn't, but I was smiling pretty big. Also I had 4 texts all from different awesome people when I got out of class (there's no service where class is) and it was happy.

Went with Olivia to visit teach Shannon, who is awesome. She's so cool! I always feel good leaving people who I've just loved being around.

Smiled some more about the boy. :) Had lasagna for dinner, did some homework and watched Glee. And now I'm going to go to bed.

Good day. :)

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