Sparkles with a Skirt

I might have worn this outfit back in December....oops. But I had to post it because it was such a fun outfit. I love my sparkly H&M sweater paired with this happy thrifted skirt (I took it in and made it shorter after buying it from DI). And boots. They're just fun too.

So I'm still going to keep posting on this blog for a while longer for certain reasons. I'm not sure when I will fully transfer everything to my other blog. But if you just want to follow one, I'll be posting these same posts on my other one as well plus more on that one, so I'd recommend following it if you want the most updates. This is my fashion-only blog :)

And it's Friday! Tomorrow night my roommates and I might be going to this thing on campus called the YBall. It's a formal attire event but free, which is super cool. If we do go, I'll be wearing a beautiful coral formal dress that I made so stay tuned!

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