Pre-Christmas 2011

I got a little behind on posting what when on last week because of all the craziness of Christmas! It's kind of late tonight but I figured I better do a post. So this is documenting the week before Christmas, the 19-23.

Monday, December 19: I went to work from 7:45-2 and then I went home and chilled and sewed some barbie clothes. Thankfully my roommate Heidi was there all 3 days that I worked so I didn't feel scared or like an insane person all alone haha. We went over to a guy named Ben's apartment in our ward that night for our own little "Family Home Evening." It was just me, Heidi, Ben, and then two other people in our ward named Stephanie and Parker. Heidi left a little early to go with a friend to see the lights at the Riverwoods. Anyways, every year, Ben makes an awesome gingerbread house and so that's what we worked on that whole night. He'd baked the gingerbread the day before and then spent Monday just putting it together. It was soooo fun and way cool! I took a ton of pictures but here are just a few. We put it on a huge square of wood and then made icing with powdered sugar and sutff and Ben had other little things to stick on there. We made a river and waterfall by melting sugar (kind of like a rocky candy type thing) to a way high temperature and then pouring it onto the surface and watching it harden super fast.  We did that for a few hours and it was a lot of fun :)

Tuesday, December 20: I went to work at the same time and then sewed a little more and chilled a little more. I could have gone to the men's basketball game that night but didn't really feel like it. Instead I just had some me time and stayed home watching episodes of Hannah Montana, packing for home, and sewing more. That night after the basketball game, Heidi got back from it and then a few other people in our ward came over and we watched Tarzan (I had it from Netflix--I know, random).

Wednesday, December 21: Work, same time. Then I got to go to my apartment to finish up packing and go home! YAY! It made me so happy to see my family, as I hadn't seen them in about over a month. I played with Gracie right away when I got home and we just had a blast. It's so cute because she loves having me home, and I promise I'm not trying to brag or anything when saying that. It just makes me happy because I love her a ton so when I'm back she wants to do everything with me and sit by me and have lots of fun. And without much convincing I got the idea into her head that she should move to college with me and be my roommate...haha oops! It was kind of sad to try to convince her out of that one.. Anyways, I just love that little girl to pieces. I'm dreading leaving her on Tuesday. I secretly wish she could be my roommate! The rest of the day was just spent at home relaxing and watching episodes of Friends (my sister has all 10 seasons and she got me addicted by lending me Season 1....needless to say, I'm on Season 4 now).

Thursday, December 22: I slept in super late and was lazy and got ready late. Yes, bad me for being lazy but it felt so amazing! For Christmas I was giving Gracie barbie clothes I made for her barbies so I decorated the little box that I got her and worked on organizing that. All of it turned out SO cute! I also might have gone shopping with my mom this day but I can't remember. It wasn't a super eventful day though.
I'll show more barbie fashion and some of the clothes I made in a later post :)

Friday, December 23: This day my siblings and I planned to go to SLC to shoot a Christmas music video. We had a lot of fun. We filmed in the Salt Palace, Temple Square, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and the state Capitol building. By the end we were pretty tired and glad to be done.We got home and just spent the rest of the night with our family having dinner and I think we watched a movie, though I can't remember. (Oh and we got some planking pictures in the Salt Palace haha, escalator planking!!)

And here is the video! Hopefully tomorrow or one of these next days I'll be able to post about Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and all the rest of my break! There is much to tell, but for now enjoy!


  1. I love all the pictures! We love having you home! Thanks for sharing your happiness with us!

  2. haha that video... you are such a dork. i love it. and that gingerbread house looked amazing. i want.


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