Happy 5th Birthday Gracie!

Gracie’s birthday is on December 27th and she turned 5 this year! It’s hard, and a little sad, that she’s already getting so big. She was definitely a late comer in our family, but she’s the biggest blessing ever and I can’t imagine my life without her little happy self.

For her birthday this year, she desperately wanted to go to Boondocks, which is like a nice arcade place near our house, also with laser tag, bowling, and some outside activities. You get a free pass on your birthday, so she got that and had so much fun playing all the games and going on the playground. She thought laser tag would be too scary so she didn’t do that one. Unfortunately, that was the day I sprained my wrist and it was hurting a ton, so my dad was nice enough to take me to Urgent Care that night to figure out what was wrong with it. So neither of us got to do a huge amount of stuff but we had fun being there and playing a few games with everyone. I even ran into my friend Lindsay and her family which was awesome.

Haha these pictures are really weird but they turned out funny.

It was a fun day and we all loved it because we love the cutie patootie (that’s what I call her ha). Love you lots Gracie and happy 5th birthday!!!

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