Goals that I will KEEP for 2012

So in my family, we got together and made goals for the new year. I feel like I always make goals and then never do anything about them because they are just in my head or I'm not really committed to them. But doing it with my family helps me to stick to my resolutions more so maybe it'll work. We have 5 goals to make, each in a different type of category--physical, spiritual, service, mental, and family. Since I live away from home, I decided to change my family goal to a social goal, because that's more applicable to me right now. And now a drumroll for my goals for 2012:

Physical: Eat at least 1 fruit every day and have something for breakfast every morning. This must seem like such a simple goal to some people but one thing that I really need to work on is eating healthy. I work in the mornings so often times I skip breakfast so I'm going to try really hard to just have something, even if it's on the go, like a granola bar. And I am really bad at having my fruits and vegetables and usually don't have any. So for a start, it's just one fruit, and eventually I'll move it up to more. Slow and steady. Oh, and you're probably wondering why I didn't put fruit or vegetable as the goal, but one thing about me is that I hate vegetables. They all taste gross to me and make me gag. So for now I'll just work on eating the fruit and maybe next year's goal will incorporate vegetables into my diet. ;)

Spiritual: Read one chapter in the scriptures every day. This is also kind of a simple goal but something I need to work on. Sometimes I feel too tired and I only read a few verses and don't even remember what I've read or I make excuses, so I really want to work on reading a chapter and fully reading it by studying and marking stuff that I read.

Service: Join a service club/group at BYU. This one's pretty self-explanatory, I'd say.

Mental/Intellectual: Turn in all my assignments on time and only miss each of my classes one time. I am the queen of procrastination and I have gotten into a bad habit thinking it's okay to skip class. Therefore a goal must be made in this area.

Social: Put myself out there at least one time every day. As a college student, I think too often I get caught up in my own little world and I really don't make an effort to try to talk to people or just be more open with friends. And for some reason it makes me kind of anxious to strike up a conversation with a stranger or something and so I never do it. This is something I need huge work on, I think. Some examples of this goal would be like talking to the person in the elevator, making a conversation with someone I don't usually talk to in one of my classes, flirting with a cute boy, or going over to a friend's apartment and just visiting with them. Stuff like that. This will be a hard one for me, but that's why it's a goal, right?

A few other goals I've made:

Blog at least three times a week.

Go to the temple once a month. I really should go more than this but I struggle making time to go at all, so this goal is a little small, but achievable for me.

Only one new clothing/accessory item each month. One thing about me is that I spend my money a lot and it's usually on clothes. My closet is bulging with clothing! And often times when I buy things I don't really need it, I just think it's cute. This buying thing also includes thrift stores. The exceptions are that people can buy things for me (like I can have clothes as a birthday present) or I can buy something if I really need it (like if I'm a bridesmaid and I need certain shoes to go with the dress or if I need something like new tennis shoes). This will get me to really think about my shopping when I'm doing so I can think, "Is this the item I want to spend on for this month?" I'll buy a lot less with a limit. Also in the rules are that if I don't buy an item that month, then I can't have an extra for the next month. And the item must be $20. I don't want to suddenly be buying a $100 dress because I haven't spent the money anywhere else! This is going to make me a smarter shopper and also it will cause me to just sew something if I want more clothes. (I got the idea from Meredith, who didn't shop for herself at all during 2011--she talks about it here--haha I'm not as amazing as she is at, I had to reward myself!)

So yep yep, those are my goals for the year of 2012! Writing them down is the first step so hopefully now I'll be able to keep them. :D Everyone's saying that 2012 is going to be a magical and wonderful year and you know what, I think that's true! Bring on the new and best year my life will have ever seen!

Pssst...what are your goals, if you made any? And if you didn't make any, why didn't you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Love your goals! I know you can reach them! And, you will be better just for the trying! :)

    We also made goals as a family in different areas of our lives. It is always a blessing to take assessment of where we are at and then strive to be better!


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