Post-Christmas 2011

The week after Christmas was a fun and exciting one. I spent every day with my family and had such a blast being able to spend time with the people I love the most.

Gracie took a few naps (with her hard pink nutcracker…not the most comfortable sleeping companion) and it was just too cute not to take a picture.

We went to temple square on the 26th for family home evening to look at the lights and walk around. It was super busy and cold but it was temple square so it was fun.

Tuesday morning I went to “Waffle Wednesday” with my friends Jackie, Merry, and Tiffany. We used to do it in high school on an actual Wednesday, but Tuesday was the day that worked for everyone that week so that’s why we did it then. Right after that as I was walking outside to my car, I slipped on ice and tried to catch myself, but my wrist bent back too far and that’s how I sprained it.

Later on Tuesday I went with my mom and sisters to the mall to return some stuff (Carina had some shoes to return and it took foreverto find some she liked) and entered to win this awesome cardboard cutout of David Archuleta (he’s going on a mission!!!), though I don’t think we won, sadly. And then that night we celebrated Gracie’s birthday.

Wednesday we went to the zoo. I guess in the wintertime Hogle Zoo does this thing where the last Wednesday of every month is free. Since it was the break with no school, we took advantage of it and went, along with Zildy and her family (Jonas had to work so he couldn’t come).
This is a really awkward picture but it's of all the kids so I put it in

Carina and I did some "grabbing" pictures...

And of course took pictures by the gorilla shadow thing.


After the zoo we headed down to Park City to go shopping and such. I got some good deals, like a bunch of headbands for $1 each at Claire’s and a few cute shirts. Park City is one of my favorite places to go, because one, there’s lots of shopping, and also just because it’s a cool place to go. Utah’s always know for all the Mormon stuff, which is fine, but when I go to Park City, Utah is all about the snow and it’s just a nice change.

Thursday and Friday weren't anything too exciting, they were spent mostly at home being bored and just relaxing. I watched a lot of Friends episodes :)

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