Color Block

Do you like the new layout? And the cool thing I did with that picture above? Yessiree I like it too. :)

Today has been a dizzy day, mostly because I've been sick. It took a lot of strength to get me to go to class and work today, but I'm glad I did. Then I came home and took a nap. It was nice. Honestly, I get sick ALL the time, and it's probably because I don't eat healthy enough or get enough sleep. Either way, it stinks! I'm kind of used to it, but that doesn't make it much more bearable every time I'm sick. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. Tell me: what do you people who never get sick do that makes you so immune? Share your knowledge!

I really do want to write more and I will probably tomorrow but right now I can barely think so I'm gonna sign off and go to bed. Hope that's okay...have a great night!

P.S. Something I will be discussing at a later time, but is anyone watching the series Once Upon a Time? AH! It's soooo good! Man I'm hooked and you should be too! Go watch the first episode on hulu and become addicted to my new favorite show. :)


  1. Geez Kailee...you are a doll :) And I love your new bloggy.

  2. cute blog!!



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