Beautiful Day

Today I felt beautiful. Maybe it was my cute outfit, with my purple tights and simple black heels.
Possibly it was the fact that I loved my hair.
Maybe it was because I gave a talk today and after that I just felt giddy with confidence.
Or that I did a whole lot of nothing today and gave myself a "me" day.
It could have been because I watched a Barbie movie about dancing and traveled around my apartment dancing ballet just like I always used to do.

Somehow, the fact that I'm sick and that there's now snow outside doesn't change the fact that I feel happy.

It was one of those days that I just wished it could go a little longer, that I could stay in my outfit forever and feel like a princess always. Don't you just love these kind of days? They're a little bit of magic on earth :)


  1. I love days like that. when you just feel so happy and pretty and loved. thanks for sharing some of your happiness, it rubbed off on me a little now too. :)

  2. love that skirt! so so so cute! and i'm loving your positiveness!



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