Life This Past Month

I haven't been blogging week by week just because it hasn't been super exciting every week (though I would still like to do that in the future) but here are some highlights from the month.

It's been like a yearlong project from 2011 to decorate my room at home. It's not the same room I had when I was living at home and after all the switching around, everyone else's rooms looked pretty cute but mine was the guest room so it was kinda plain. One day when I was changing my bedspread (the one two pictures below) I liked how it matched the room and it inspired me to decorate the room into something cuter. It has light green and tan walls, so not the ideal colors I would have picked but I could work with them. It took me all year to do it because I'm poor and I only go home so much. But throughout the year I'd find things to decorate it with and I brought my barbies home to put up in the room as well. Over Christmas break I put up a lot of stuff and it is pretty finished now, although I'd like to put a mirror and a clock in it as well.

I didn't take any "before pictures" but here are some photos kind of from how it looked before:

And then after (the bed in the first picture isn't in the room anymore)!
 It supposed to be sort of a fashion/ballet/barbie/girly themed room. I like it :) Oh and the quote above the window says, "A girl should be two things--classy and fabulous." -Coco Chanel.

I've spent bunches of time with my roommates this month as well. We watched Katie run in the home cross-country meet and cheered her on to the finish line.

I was on a date the night they did this, but Kelsey, Katie, and Heidi made these cute hats. I think this picture is pretty great haha.

We went to a birthday party for our wonderful friend, Brooke (back row with the blue shirt and white cardigan). Brooke is from our same hometown, was in our ward last year, and is rooming with our old roommate Katherine (on the far right, brown hair with gray button-up) so we see her a lot and love her tons!
Order (top to bottom, left to right): Heidi, Brooke, Kelsey, Katherine, me, Talya
My wonderfully awesome parents got me a tripod for Christmas so I've been going out a few times a week again to take pictures at fun places like deserted railroad tracks and stuff like that.

I hang out weekly with my friends Sarah, Lauren, and Alyne, and two weeks ago we had a nail-painting party. I didn't paint my nails but I did feel like organizing them by color!

My brother Cee Ryle has gymnastics meets starting up again. A lot of them are usually more south here in Utah county so I can meet my family and watch him, it's pretty fun! This meet was last week in Springville and he got two ribbons and a silver medal, which is awesome! I love my brother, he's getting to look so old.

I went to a men's volleyball friends with Cara and Kristy (in the middle), some of my work friends. Super fun! We left the game a little early because I had to write a talk that night and we were tired of standing but it was good to get together. We always talk a ton at work and stuff but it's exciting when we can go hang out and not have to worry about getting in trouble for talking. ;)

Work has been....crazy. To say the least. Read about it here. My old boss got laid off, and the way I found out was from one of my coworkers texting me and I didn't even get to say goodbye. Really sad. :( It was weird going to work last Monday realizing I had no boss. It's turned out pretty well though, because the men's department supervisor is now ours as well. We already knew him before and he's really nice and a good boss, so it's working out nicely, thank goodness! It was an interesting adjustment though. We've been getting rid of a lot of stuff and trying to get ready for inventory. And when I have time, my favorite thing to do at work is chalk signs. I take pictures in case I ever need them for a portfolio one day..

Just on Saturday I got to go to Sundance film festival with my old roommate Chelsey, our friend Shirley from our freshman ward, and Chelsey's friend Whitney. It was super fun! Unfortunately, it was the second to last day so a lot of the Sundance stuff in Park City had closed down. We saw two films, Wuthering Heights and Price Check, in SLC, and they were definitely interesting. Maybe if I wasn't Mormon I'd like them more, but there was a lot of swearing in the movies so it wasn't ideal. Still fun though. I only got like one picture from the whole thing though..slacking!

So that has been the month of January! A crazy month with lots of exciting stuff. School is keeping me busy as well. My favorite class is probably Intermediate Sewing but I love my other ones too--Marriage Prep, Clothing History, and Statistics. It's off to class now so have a beautiful rest of your Monday everyone!


  1. I just wrote a post about our Monday too! Can't believe January flew by that quickly... looks like fun :)

  2. I love those chalk drawings! I didn't realize that you were the artist behind the awesome. I always notice them to and from work.

  3. I freaking love you Kailee. Yay for good friends!


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