TV Tuesday: Once Upon A Time

I think for a while...until I run out of stuff to talk about, on Tuesdays I'll be writing about my favorite tv shows/movies that I am currently watching. It's a good outlet for me because let's face it, when you watch television, you want to talk about it with people! So I'm talking about it to my blog peeps ;) Hope that's alright with you.

Today I'll be talking about my current favorite tv show, Once Upon a Time. Have you heard of this show? Are you watching this show? The answer should be a resounding YES to both of those, but if it's not, I'll help you out. Once Upon a Time is about all of our favorite fairy tale characters, Snow White, Prince Charming, the evil queen, Rumplestiltskin, Jiminy Cricket, Hansel and Gretel, etc. At Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding, the queen puts an evil curse on everyone that will send them all to an evil place, none of them will remember who they were before, and time won't move. However, Snow White and the Prince have a daugther soon after their marriage and just before the curse hits, she gets away. They are all sent to a town on earth called Storybrooke and their daughter, Emma has to come rescue them and stop the curse.

I like this show because it goes back and forth between fairytale and current times. You get to find out everyone's back story and how they came to be the character that they are. It's also really cool because a lot of curses and magic happens in the fairytale world and it continues into Storybrooke. There are a lot of interesting twists that happen and you come to fall in love with the characters very quickly, although the greatest thing about this is that we've already loved the characters before from beloved Disney movies and fairytale stories.

The biggest demographic for this show is women 18-24 (of course..princesses anyone?) but my family watches it and loves it so I think it's a great show for all ages. Also the best part about it is that it's clean. Some parts are a bit dark but every story has a villain, right? You should at least go watch the first episode on Hulu and see what you think. I got hooked from the first episode and I bet you will too! They're only in 11 episodes so far so you have plenty of time to catch up. It plays on Sunday nights at 8. Go watch it! You won't be disappointed. :)

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