Christmas Eve 2011

This year Christmas was just spent at my house, with my family and also our close by relatives--my grandparents and my aunt and uncle, Zildy and Jonas, and their kids (all on my mom's side). It was really weird because it didn't feel a ton like Christmas this year! For one thing, there was no snow, and in Utah that is just unheard of around Christmas-time. Also, we didn't have an out of state relatives visiting us, which also felt weird, because for the past two years we've had extra relatives with us on Christmas. Since all the family that we celebrated with live close, we see them for Sunday dinner every other week anyways, so it almost just felt like another Sunday dinner. But we managed to make it special in our own little ways.

Every year at Christmas-time, my family makes these things from Guatemala called Paches. They are made with potatoes, soggy bread, some sauce that my grandma always makes, masa, and either chicken or pork. They take a very long process but are pretty inexpensive to make. So instead of having a turkey or a roast for Christmas like other families, we do this because it is more special, as my mom and her family are from Guatemala, and more humble, because it's a cheap food. My mom decided to make the dinner a little more special this year as well by putting everything in baskets and serving simple foods like nuts and grapes, so that it felt a little more like Bethlehem. Then we lit candles and turned off the lights. We've never done it that way before, but it was a cool thing to do and I think it made the situation more spiritual and more humble (and I think the kids were better behaved believe it or not!).

We always have fun just spending time with each other. This is my brother reading to some of the cousins. The littlest one, Tayevion (sitting right next to Cee Ryle who is in the green shirt), just adores Cee Ryle, so this picture is just pretty cute.
Most of the group, only missing my parents
As we were sitting waiting to read the nativity story and open presents, I was sitting by Tayevion and said, "Hey let's take a picture!" So this is what he did:

Haha I'd meant for us to take a picture together, but he absolutely loves to break dance and pull out new moves so he thought I wanted to take a picture of him doing that. This one of him, me, and his sister Jasmine was a little more successful:

We do a present exchange with everyone on my mom's side of the family, so that you draw someone's name and get them a present. It's a lot easier than having to get a present for every single person in every single family, and I think it means more too because you can put more thought into the presents. So on Christmas eve, we opened those, as well as presents from our grandparents and our pajama presents.
The two little girls had a blast jumping on the bubble wrap that came with one of the presents haha

And of course we took family pictures by the fireplace. I wouldn't say they were all completely successful though....

Sometimes, my grandparents like to do wacky poses like this one...
...and this one :P

Aren't the new pajama pants we go so cute?! Turquoise cheetah print (I may or may not have been with my mom when she was picking them out and strongly suggested these), I love them!
Sibs :D
And then we went to bed, ready for Santa to come in the night...

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  1. it's so fun that you do so much with your extended family!! I have a small extended family and don't live near my cousins so its always just our little fam for things. I love the pj pants too!


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