I love how sometimes the little things just make life so much happier. I've had a pretty normal week but it upped the scale a ton from things like...

-an announcement that Carrie Underwood is coming out with her new single, "Good Girl" on February 23rd! Eeee! I can't wait to hear it! The title sounds good, I wonder what the song will be about? Here's the picture for the single:
Carrie Underwood
She looks gorgeous of course, but it's a little scandalous, no? Not very "good girl-esque"..

-I got a Barbie catalog in the mail today and it just made me so happy! Barbies are just as important to fashion as any couture designer and I love poring over the pictures and admiring the beautiful Barbie clothes. One of these days when I find time, I want to make more barbie clothes but design really pretty ones, kind of like the couture Barbie clothes. But unfortunately, the main ingredient to all of that is time, something I have very little of. :(

-I finally ordered this book on Amazon. I've wanted it for like a year ever since Jessica Quirk recommended it for anyone wanting to do fashion design. They apparently have it at the BYU library, but it turns out the book is lost and has been for about 4 months because that's when I requested it. I was just illustrating some clothes in my sketchbook and looking up some fashion illustration stuff online and decided that I really wanted to learn some good skills, and what better way from a Fashion Design textbook? It was like $50, but I think it will be well worth the $$.
9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion (3rd Edition)

-(This is quickly becoming a fashion obsessed post, but obviously that stuff makes me happy!) Fashionary. I'm so ordering one of these when I get money! It has everything you need for fashion design/illustration. Yes, please, and thank you! It really is pretty cool..I'd go look at the website if I were you.

-I'm going to Sundance Film Festival on Saturday! Can't wait, I hope I see some celebs (maybe even Taylor Swift, because I know she's been there...that would be SO cool).

-Also, I've just been loving this song currently:
There have been a few other songs that I keep playing on repeat lately, maybe I'll do a post to share my current favorite playlist. :)

Anyways, those are the little things that make me happy...what about you? We all love our own little things, so what makes you giddy with happiness?

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