Just A Little Sprain?

This is what i get if I try to type normally with both hands right now:

Hi may a asf;kja kaileree
(an attempt to write, "Hi my name is Kailee")

Yep. I sprained my wrist so it's in a sprint and a sling. I slipped on some ice earlier and as I caught myself on the ground my wrist bent back too far. It still hurts pretty bad so I can't just move it around as I please. It hurts to type with both hands so i'm using the old pointer finger typing technique.

I was trying to change into my pajamas and it took forever so when i was done I started crying. Because it hurts, because I feel bad that my parents had to pay more at the doctor's so that we could go to Urgent Care tonight for something that wasn't broken, because everything is ten times harder to do, and because I feel so pathetic that I'm being so wussy about just a sprain.

But the thing is that all that stuff is legitimate, at least to me. Maybe a sprain is no big deal to someone else but for me it's a lot of pain. I'm glad that my parents love me enough to take me to the doctor sooner even if it means paying a little more. Because this isn't the funnest thing in the world and maybe one of my biggest concerns is how I am going to be able to try on clothes at the Park City outlet tomorrow with this big splint, but it's still a concern to me. And I know there are starving children in Africa that have things much worse than this. But I still think it's okay for me to cry about it and I'm gonna.

Also, it took me twenty minutes to write this little post and that is ridiculous. I will be soooo very grateful when my wrist heals. Never again will I take a wrist for granted. :/

P.S. Happy 5th birthday to my best friend and sister Gracie today! (don't worry I will blog more about this later)

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  1. ouch Kailee! I'm so sorry you sprained your wrist! That sounds really painful!

    My policy is this: if you feel like crying, you have legitimate reason enough to cry and you have no reason to feel bad about it! Heck, I cry all the time. Sometimes I cry for silly things too, like having a bad day and then coming home to find out I'm out of milk (haha) And most importantly: anything that is a concern to you, is a concern to Heavenly Father, so it's automatically legitimate. So no reason to feel bad (even though there ARE starving children). ;)

    Hope ya heal fast. :)


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