Finals Week Recap

Wow it was a super busy week! Why? Because it was finals week! Talk about crazy. Usually I really love finals week because there are no classes so all your time can be devoted to studying and you can still have extra time to relax. But I was so excited for the week to be done. It was a busy week and I feel like I was studying so much. Thank goodness it's over, seriously. I had three finals and I think I did pretty well on them (though two had essays so I don't know the grade I got) and on my very last final I hadn't even studied for it that much and I got a 90%! Boo ya! ;)

Last Sunday was a lot of fun and I feel like I got to bond with my roommates a lot. We mostly just spent the day at home talking and such. We had a lot of clothes that all of us wanted to get rid of but we decided to have a clothing swap with it all and then get rid of it! It was fun, and we each walked away with a few cute things. Haha and we have yet to take the rest of the pile in our corner to DI.
After we had cleaned most of the clothes up
While we were going through the stuff, my roommate Olivia found this red hair semi-permanent dye stuff so we decided to all dye pieces of our hair that night. It was kind of crazy but a lot of fun. Unfortunately, mine didn't show up but everyone else's looked pretty cool. I'd have to bleach my hair if I ever wanted to really dye my hair I'd have to bleach it and I will never do that. Plus I love my hair anyways! (though some red in it would have looked sweet!)
haha I love this picture!
Never fear, I did not actually wear that dress to church or anything. I got it a while ago from DI with the intention to refashion it but it just didn't work out, so I put it on because I didn't care if it got dirty.

On Monday we still had FHE and made our semesterly "lucky testing center shirts." The only people in our group that showed up was our apartment, probably because everyone else was studying, but we did it anyways. We buy men's v-neck shirts from walmart (in a package) and then put tape on them for whatever design we want and then spray paint them in the campus parking lot across the street! We've left our mark on BYU because if you go look you can see spray paint marks in this one spot in the parking lot. I didn't get a picture of everyone's shirt, but here's mine:

Here's a picture from last year in winter semester when we started the tradition:

The rest of the week was spent at home doing whatever or studying (mostly studying, don't worry!). However, I did get to make some yummy treats , because I had to give myself some nice breaks somehow! On Monday I made a Peanut Butter cheeseball (both recipes came from pinterest of course) that was sooo good! You eat it with graham crackers or apples and you have to keep it in the freezer or it'll get too soft. It's very rich too so it's a nice thing to have when I'm craving something sweet because I'll just have a little and then feel like it's enough. The recipe is here if you want to make it! Pictures below taken by me. :)

On Wednesday I made some "reindeer" to give to my work friends for Christmas. They're nutter butters covered in chocolate with chocolate chips for eyes, a pretzel for the antlers, and a red hot for the nose. They were so cute and even more delicious! Man they need to come out with some chocolate covered Nutter Butters so that I can buy them all the time! Because they were yummy in my tummy. :) Recipe here, and once again, pictures by me.

Friday night I finished my last final and then watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with some people in our ward (one of my friends had never seen it before! We changed that right away). I love that movie so much, I get emotional every time I watch. Huge Harry Potter fan right here...but you knew that :)

Saturday I was planning on going home, but due to some turn of events I stayed in Provo instead. I went to work from 10-2 and then went to the mall to hang out with my aunt Zildy while she face painted at the Princess Festival store (I did it for the last two weeks because she couldn't). I did some shopping and got a very warm hat from American Eagle because I had a $10 off card and also some cute boots from Rue 21. Then I left the mall and did some shopping for my friend who's on a mission--I was putting together a Christmas package for her--and then came home. All of my roommates were gone so it was just me, so I just watched some tv, sketched some designs, and pretty much had a me day. I could have gone out and been social but it felt nice to just be with myself all day. Heidi came home that night so then I didn't have to sleep in the apartment alone.

Sunday we went to church, where there were like 3 wards combined and there were probably only about 30 people there (and then a bunch left after sacrament so there were less). There were only like 8-10 people left in our apartment complex because everyone else had gone home for the break so we all decided to have dinner. One guy had a pre-made lasagna that he just had to heat, Heidi and I made delicious peanut butter truffle brownies, and there was also an assortment of drinks, garlic bread, spaghetti squash, and apples. Yum, it was very good and it was a lot of fun!

Then I sketched some more designs after that and watched the Grinch later that night with my friend Sergio. And that was my week! I'm still in Provo because I have to work but I get to go home Wednesday and can't wait! Christmas is in 6 DAYS!! EEE! Soooo excited :)

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