22. The year I...

-fell in love with making movies
-made WAY too many clothes for TWO fashion shows and had so much fun doing it!
-saw Carrie Underwood in concert for the 4th time, and also Andy Grammer for the 1st
-finished the Harry Potter books for the 12th time! (first time with the audiobooks)
-found a love for audiobooks
-went back to school. and loved it and became good at it again.
-flew to both coasts of the US (Boston/New York and California)
-finally got my first kiss :)
-discovered basil (it's good with basically everything and i really really loooove it)
-found and love much music and so many good bands (Hunter Hunted, Radical Face--"Always Gold" and "Welcome Home", NONONO--"Pumpin' Blood"!, the National Parks, Smallpools, Talisco, OneRepublic--though that love began before, I'm still counting it because they are so good)
-cared for and fell in love with so many wonderful children
-went to Comic Con twice
-got in a car crash
-applied for my dream job that I swear I have to get. I pretty much want need it so bad.
-went to about a gazillion weddings and made tons of wedding videos and had a great time at them all
-read books like The Book Thief, Fangirl, Eleanor and Park, Allegiant (nooo!!!), If I Stay (I'll see the movie when I'm 23 I guess) & Where She Went, and lots of really great biographies
-became super obsessed with Frozen
-ran my first (and possibly my last) race
-got a new camera

...and much more.

It's been a good one..and it' ain't stoppin' here :) (despsite what this article might say!)

And now I have to go to bed, because it's almost midnight and I want to go to sleep before it's my birthday! Hah because I'm weird. So goodnight!

(the footage in this video actually happened before I turned 22 (tho all the rest of my roommates were), but I figured it fits this post pretty well so here ya go)

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