Gah, I love Taylor Swift. Most of us know this, I think. I've seen her in concert twice, and the last time I got lucky enough to be in the pit (if you want to read that amazing story, it's here!) and see her close up.

Anyway, her new album 1989 came out Monday. And...I loooove it. So much.

It's a totally different sound from before, and I think that if anyone was really surprised by this, they don't listen to her music enough. Taylor Swift started out as country, but she's kind of crossed over into pop since her second album Fearless, and if not in that, then definitely in Red. It had tracks like "I Knew You Were Trouble," "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," "Red," and a bunch of others. And now 1989 is Taylor's first exclusive pop album.

I think I love it for several reasons...

1. It's a manifestation of herself. Taylor Swift is definitely not the same artist we first fell in love with. She's still super cute, dedicated to her fans, creative, and down-to-earth (for as much as a celebrity can be), but she's not a teenager anymore. She's almost 25, she's sooo famous, her look has changed (she started out with super curly ong hair and now its short and straight-ish, and I think her style is definitely more edgy, which obviously comes with age), and she's grown up. So it totally makes sense hearing her album. I think it'd be weird if she was still coming out with songs similar to her first album. Those are still amazing songs and I will always love them, but Taylor Swift is different, which means her music is going to be different too.

2. I LOVE the songs! I think I love them even more because it's a style of music that I've been really into lately..so even if I had no idea who Taylor Swift was and had just discovered her as an artist, I think I would still love them. They kind of match some of my favorite bands, like MS MR and Hunter Hunted so I think it's sweet.

3. Every detail is super thought out. The album cover, the title, the introduction, the booklet in the cd case, the polaroids that come with it--it's all super cohesive and it inspires me a lot! I'm always thinking about cohesion since I do collections in fashion shows and I love finding things that just go so well together and all kind of make each other even better because of that. (that might not make sense, sorry!)

4. It's Taylor Swift! And personally, I think she's pretty awesome. She is so connected with her fans, her music is very real and raw and always new--which makes her a great artist, she stays true to herself (she hasn't gone crazy like Justin Bieber) by being stable and grouded but also allowing herself to change, and she does what she loves in spite of what anyone else might say. She "shakes it off" (from her single "Shake It Off") and doesn't give herself time to hate those people either. I admire that so much because it's really hard to do. Also, in spite of all her haters, she is incredibly popular. She has such a big fan base!

5. I wasn't gonna write this one because it really has not much to do with her album, but can we all just agree that Taylor Swift has great style? She is always dressed classy and has seriously the cutest clothes. I think it always makes her look polished and herself, which is obviously great.

Anyway, listen to 1989, it's so good! Fav songs on it (so far, I've only listened to each of them like once or twice, besides the songs that came out before the album did): Style, Out of the Woods, I Wish You Would, How You Get the Girl, and Clean.

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