Fashion Friday: The Making of an Haute Couture Gown, and Other Thoughts on the Fashion Industry

I realize the phrase "Fashion Friday" is nothing too original and sounds like something you might use in a kindergarten class, but it works, so bear with me here.. But whenever I see a cool or funny video or something to that effect, I bookmark it so I can watch it later if I want, or just have a funny youtube video marathon one day! So I have a bunch of cool fashion videos saved and I figured I'd share one every Friday because that sounds fun, right? Okay maybe it only sounds fun to me, but we're gonna do it anyway.

Today's video shows the process of making an haute couture look. It's a Christian Dior from their Spring/Summer 2011 haute couture collection. I realize it's seven minutes, which is kind of long, but if you at least watch the first two or three you get the gist of things. I couldn't help but watch the whole thing but that's because I love to sew and design and it all mesmerized me so much!

After watching this, I realized one of the reasons why haute couture is so expensive, because holy cow, that look must have taken ages to make. I love their meticulousness, with all the white thread sewn to keep the pieces together, how carefully and precisely they cut each piece of fabric, and how they treat everything so delicately. Oh and those pleats! That was really cool. Also the tulle layering had such a beautiful effect on the runway. It's kind of funny how they all wear white coats, it reminded me of a lab or something. I guess that's so they don't get the clothes they're working on dirty? Though it seems a little excessive to me.

Oh also, I wish those people who made these things got credited somehow! It seems a little unfair that the designer gets credited for the garment when it really seems like these people do the brunt of the work. That would be an interesting thing to look at and go more into depth on.

Something I've been struggling with lately in fashion is wondering what the point of it all is. A part of me can't help but think they're just clothes. But another part of me wants to ooh and ahh at the sight of it all because it is really really beautiful.

It can be pretty easy to get caught up in either extreme...hating the fashion industry because it can seem so pointless and shallow, or loving it all because of the beauty and thinking it's all perfect. It's not perfect. The fashion industry has flaws--many of them--that I'm trying to get past so that I can continue to do what I love. But it is a beautiful form of art as well and it has a right to be appreciated.

It definitely makes me feel something when I see a gorgeous garment and have to take a breath because it's just perfection. I love seeing that and I hope to one day create it. I'm working at it but I know I'm not even close to being there yet.

I guess it's just important to look at fashion with an eye from each perspective. It's good to be aware of the issues in the fashion industry and it's great to try and change those things for the better. And it's also still very much okay to love fashion in all its beauty and art. Right now I think I'm trying to figure out how to have a happy middle ground in between the two. It's kind of difficult, but I think it's very doable too.

Anyway, I think I'll probably talk more about that in the months to come...I'm giving a persuasive speech in my public speaking class on it and once it all comes together maybe I'll put a copy of the speech on here or just write a blog post on what I talked about. But for now, enjoy your Friday night and the rest of your weekend, I know I will! (And let's hope the Cougars can scrape out a win tonight against Boise State haha!)

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