My 23rd Birthday

I'm 23 years old...how in the WORLD did that happen? How is that even allowed? I think I still feel very much 19 so its super weird to me to be this old. Of course, then I spend time with a bunch of 19 year-olds and realize there's no way I could be that young haha.

My birthday was GREAT! It was definitely one of my favorite ones I've ever had. I went home on Thursday night for a long weekend, since I only had one class each on Thursday and Friday. I'm glad I got to spend such a long weekend at home with my family! I absolutely love spending time with them and the older I get, the more that's true.

Friday I picked Gracie and her friend Katelyn up from school, and Sidney found out she didn't have class that night so I picked her up from the frontrunner and we all went to the Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory tour! I read this post and thought it would be fun to go do, because a chocolate factory! Need I say more??

It was pretty fun! I guess on Fridays they're not as busy but we had a great time and got a bunch of really good chocolate samples and also bought some more afterward. I think we all had a fun time and it was cool to see the history of the place and also find out how chocolate is made!

Friday night we went out to dinner at Settebello's in Farmington Station Park for some thin oven pizza. It was absolutely delicious and they even put extra basil on mine (anything with basil on it and I'm sold!). I was so grateful to my parents for taking me there, they are the best!

Oh and behind the story of Gracie's cute hat...we had like a 45 minute wait before we could be seated, so we went next door to Claire's because they had all their $2 clearance and there are always some fun finds. Gracie really wanted to buy something and I told her I'd only get her something if it was $2 (I seriously am such a bargain shopper and only like buying things on clearance!), but everything she wanted was more and she couldn't find anything she liked. Eventually she was crying because she didn't want to leave without getting something and I probably should have just said no instead of trying to make her happy. But man, I love that girl so much, as frustrated as I was haha. But the really nice Claire's employee tried helping us out and she found that cute hat for $2! So kudos to that employee, she made my day for how helpful and sweet she was, especially since my sister wasn't being the nicest and neither was I. Good customer service can definitely go a long way :)

Also I'm a nerd and took this picture because it was the last one of me being 22 haha.

Saturday was the actual day of my birthday! Yay! It was General Conference so from 10-12 and 2-4 we watched that and it was wonderful! We have fun conference traditions where my mom wraps a present for each apostle and the first presidency and when they speak you get to open them. Usually there are snacks inside which is fun. Gracie especially loves it. We also do fantasy general conference (like fantasy football but gen conf style ha!) and often end up guessing everything miserably wrong. ;)

In between sessions I opened presents from my parents. I got a hard drive, which my dad used to clean off my computer and change the operating system so I could get Adobe Premiere Pro and have more space on my computer--so great!, a cute coat, The Devil Wears Prada, a Marauders Map (came a week later, but SO COOL!), and a bike!! I've been wanting a bike on and off for a while so I'm pretty excited for it. My mom did a fun scavenger hunt so Gracie and I went around the house finding clues and then eventually found the bike in the basement. I'm way excited for it!

That night we went grocery shopping at a favorite bargain grocery store, and then met up with all the girls (my grandma, my aunt Zildy and her kids, and Zildy's friend Leah) since the boys were at Priesthood session and went to Leatherby's for ice cream (it's delicious, you should go sometime), and then went shopping at DI. Those are our normal conference traditions and I love them so I was totally cool to keep 'em going.

Then that night we got home and watched SNL to end my birthday! It was great :)

Sunday we watched more conference and then a ton of relatives and friends came over for the second session and for dinner. My cousin Alex's birthday was on Monday and it was the first time in probably like twelve years that we got to celebrate together! So that was really cool and I was pretty excited about that! My mom made an awesome cake and we had our silly procession and opened presents. Whataday. Twas wonderful.
(fun gifts I got from people--cuz I like to remember!: some delicious ferraro rochers from Alex, a scarf and earrings from Sidney, an old BYU sweatshirt from Carina which I can't stop wearing, candy from my roommate Olivia (sneakily dropped off at my house on my birthday!), a cute sweater from my grandparents, pretzel m&ms! and a scarf from Cee Ryle, CD covers from Jasmine, a scarf--and something else I am trying so hard to remember-- from Zildy and fam, $$ and a card from my WY grandparents, cards from Courtney and my sweet aunt Ruth in Texas, and an amazing Ford Anglia replica with Harry and Ron inside made entirely of legos from my friend Andre! Gah! People are the best and so so nice!)

If all of that was really long for you...sorry! I have a habit of writing a lot. But below you can see my whole 23rd birthday in 23 seconds! woot!

As a last afterthought, do you ever look at yourself and think how much you've grown? Obviously other people do it all the time.. "I can't believe how much you've grown!" "Wait, you're how old?! That's crazy, I remember when you were in diapers!" But looking at these pictures and writing this blog post I can't help but think the same thing of myself. I'm 23?! What? I definitely don't look it, but I still see myself and think how much I've grown, probably because I know myself the best. It's weird, I have grown a lot. I don't really know where I thought I'd be when I was 23, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't where I am now. But here I am, and boy am I pretty happy with it.
I'm 23!

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