Fall 2014 Provo Fashion Week: The Aftermath

Dannng it was such a long and amazing weekend! Provo Fashion Week was awesome and thank you SO MUCH to anyone that came!
Last week I was so incredibly stressed trying to get everything done in time and not feeling like I had any spare seconds to do anything. Yesterday at church I was pretty much falling asleep the whole time and when I got home, I crashed for three and a half hours. I'm a little sick too, I think all the stress and everything really got to me.
the cute bags are all by Anne B! They had a pop up shop at PFW so we did a collaboration and showed the bags on the runway. They're so cute, go check them out!

So yes, I'm kind of sad it's all over, but at the same time, I'm relieved because it means I finally get some down time to do what I want! I'm going to work on video-making, try and find a job, catch up on some tv shows, and obviously do stellar in school!

Despite all of that, Provo Fashion Week was so much fun! All of my eight models were spectacular and the event was wonderful. It was at the Provo Library ballroom, which made for a really cool and professional looking venue. Despite all the stress they cause, I absolutely love fashion shows and they always remind me how much I love designing clothes and doing what I do.
photo cred: Ryan Houston Photography

I will post more pictures soon but you can find a ton on my instagram or if you search the hashtag #ProvoFashionWeek on instagram you'll find a ton there too! Thanks for all the support and I'm excited for future endeavors!

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