[PFW Spring 2014] Elephant Print Dress

I realized I never posted about this dress..oops! These days I'm so scatterbrained, but I'm trying so hard to post more, especially leading up to Provo Fashion Week!

This dress was one of my favorites. I got the cute elephant print fabric from LA in the fashion district last year and think it's such a great fabric! I had the idea for doing an asymmetrical drop-waist dress, and I think it worked out pretty well, though I wish it would have had a little more of a wow moment. I also would have made it a little longer, but that was just a mistake on my part. I'm short so I always make my dresses to fit me and then they end up being a little shorter on the models..oops! I do love the pretty-ness and simplicity of this look though.

Thanks to my sister Carina for modeling!

Also Provo Fashion Week tickets are on sale so you should probably go buy a ticket to the show now!

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  1. Kailee, the print is so adorable! Very cute dress. :)


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