Let's Try This School Thing Again..

As I have said recently, I'm back in school! After a year and a half of not being in it, it's good to be back, but in some ways it's also super weird. Like...

-most of the people in my classes are younger than me...like by at least a year or two. First day of Statistics lab and the TA asked the freshman to raise their hands, and there were a few, and then the majority were sophomores and juniors, and then they're like, "any seniors?" And my lone hand went up. When you add that up to me being a super senior, it makes me like three years older than all those kids. When I was in school two years ago, everyone was my age, maybe like a year or two younger, or a little bit older. Now I'm by far older than most. I was facebook stalking a bunch of my classmates and they are pretty much all freshman or sophomores. #timeformetograduate

-I walk...EVERYWHERE. I've given up on my legs not ever being sore. Especially because I seem to go to different places on campus every day so I don't even have a set routine for them to get used to. I have to go up a humongous flight of stairs every morning when going to school, and it's brutal. By the time I get to the top, I'm ready to collapse and am trying to mask my heavy breathing from all the fit people around me! So much walking. So many stairs! With a backpack! I also have a dance class where one day we worked so hard my abs hurt for like a week. Thankfully now I have my bike and I get everywhere like 3x faster..tis wonderful :)
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-I'm doing soooo much better. Like what? How? How did this happen? I do not know, but a year and a half break must have helped me in some way because I'm focused and LOVING school like I never have before. I legitimately enjoy all my classes and I love coming home from school and feeling productive just because I learned! I spend time doing homework and readings and I really love all my classes. And I'm doing fairly well in them! 93% on my stats test?? Giving regular speeches in my public speaking class and not being super nervous or making a big fool of myself (who is this girl?!)? yes yes YES!
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-vending machine food. yes, please, and thank you. Really though, I wouldn't mind some real food every once in a while ;)
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-I love having friends. I think I kind of forgot what it was like to have good friends at school (realizing how lame I must sound right now) because before when I was enrolled, I was bad at going to class or answering questions or just talking and I really didn't have any good friends. But I have school friends now! In like pretty much every class! Sometimes I don't always love group work, but I think it's been good because that's helped me meet and make friends with a bunch of new and cool people. I feel so much better after I'm a little bit social every day, rather than being holed up in my room watching netflix haha.
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-STRESSSS. No this isn't weird, but studying and homework and tests and projects and everything! Gah! Sometimes it's a lot. I love learning but the work that comes with the learning involves a little more motivation.
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-Wanna hear one more crazy thing. Graduating in JUNE!! Approved and everything. Happy dance people. Good stuff is ahead.
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(so basically now that I'm finally getting the hang of school, I have to go and then be confused all over again! what is this life?)


  1. Yay! And I totally feel ya on the age thing. Everyone is younger than me too. I'm in Physical Science right now and it's ALL 18 year olds. One time the TA asked how I was enjoying my first year at college and I was like, "Um, I'm 23."

    1. Haha no way?! That's so hilarious! Yes, I feel like I still look like all the freshman so its kind of okay...except that's not really okay either haha

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Chels! That feels like a wonderful stamp of approval coming from you and all your expertise :)


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