last day.

it's been such a year, hasn't it?

i kind of had to hold back tears when I walked out the doors of the daycare on friday, knowing it would be my last time working there.

these kids have taught me so much..way more than I could ever have taught them. It's weird to think that even though I will always remember them, they won't remember me much or at all as they get older.

i'm really grateful for the past year, and for everything I've been able to do and learn. I'm excited for new things and changes, but man, will I miss these kids. I couldn't imagine a better place for me to have worked and better people and kids I could have known while taking time off school.

i love em :)

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  1. I worked at a day care when I was in high school and college! It's sooo true, you will always remember those kids. I have such fond memories of those days! :)


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