The Epic First Week of School

I did it! I'm back in school and seriously loving it. Who knew someone could love school this much, but after a year and a half break and getting ready to graduate in June, I'm so psyched to be back. My class schedule is pretty good and not too difficult, so I have lots of time for homework and time for sewing for Provo Fashion Week coming up October 11 (so excited for that!).

Epic is the only word I can really use to describe the first week of school because that's what it was. I meant to post this right after the first week of school but here we are like a month later. It is what is. :)

I apologize for this long and late post. Read at your own risk!

Monday (labor day): No school this day obviously, but I met up with my family and extended family where we went to Red Butte Gardens since it was free that day, had a picnic, and then went and saw Maleficent at the dollar theater (I'd definitely recommend watching it if you haven't).

I made this video (its only like a minute long) if you want to see all the beauty and fun of Red Butte Gardens.

Tuesday: First day of school! First day of school! So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I actually only have one class and it's not until the night time, so this day was really chill. I spent the day getting ready for school, making this wedding video, and sewing for the upcoming show. I went on campus early and got my new id card which I'm pretty excited about having. You don't realize how many perks there are to being a student until you're not a student anymore.

My night class is sewing for children and I'm way excited for it. All the people are fun and I think I'll learn a lot of useful things for children and adult clothing. I'm especially happy that we get to be pretty creative in that class with what we want to do for our projects and how we do them. I'll have to post what I make on here when we get to that point. That class ended early and I rushed over to the park for my friend Alyne's birthday party, where they had already played games and we watched Remember the Titans on a projector screen in the park. Super fun night! When the movie was almost done there was a random drunk man who lived across the street and kept yelling at us to leave and started going to take pictures of our cars. We took that as our queue to leave, even though we were being pretty quiet and respectful.

I realized I hadn't taken a picture of my first day of school outfit so I shamelessly went out to the living room before going to bed and took this picture on self-timer. Ha! It was a really happy day and I kind of just wanted to capture that.

Wednesday: I went to pretty much ALL my classes this day. Wednesdays are my long days..I have classes until 9 am to 7 pm, with a few breaks in between. I get a lot of exercise from that haha. The other classes I'm taking are Statistics (which is going extremely well so far, yay!), Critical Inquiry and Research Methods, Doctrine and Covenants, Contemporary Dance, and Public Speaking. Everything except for the last two is required for my major or graduation. Dance was a no-brainer and since I really struggle with public speaking, I thought it'd be a good skill to have. I think it will be a little nerve-wracking, but I'm excited for the class. That night my friend Andre invited me over to his apartment for some mac n' cheese dinner so that was pretty great.

In the middle of the day I got to go to the BYU Museum of Art and check out this gorgeous exhibit of costumes from different movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Ever After, Phantom of the Opera and tons others. We weren't supposed to take pictures but I snuck one of this gorgeous dress I couldn't get enough of. I think I'll probably go back and gawk at the clothes again, It took everything in me not to touch the clothes, so all I could do was lean forward as close as I could to see the details. It's funny how fabulous clothes up close are just that--clothes. It makes it a little less intimidating haha.

Thursday: This was another really free day, but I had found out that Studio C (of which I'm definitely a big fan) had a tech rehearsal and still had tons of tickets left for it. So that morning, I drove over to the BYU Broadcasting building and got a ticket to go and then went back home to get ready. As I was driving to the broadcasting building again to go to the rehearsal, there were no left turn lanes, so I slowed down but all of a sudden heard a screech of brakes, and then felt a crash as I was rear-ended. I guess the car behind me slowed down, but the car behind them didn't, so the car behind me got hit, which then caused them to crash into me.

I'm not lying to you when I say it was one of the scariest things ever. Nobody was hurt and it really wasn't that bad of an accident, but I was freaking out when it happened. I couldn't stop crying and when I called my mom to tell her what had happened, she couldn't understand me because I was so hysterical. I know, clearly I'm the person you want with you in times of crisis. For the next few days after the crash, I kept bursting into tears just thinking about it because I couldn't get it out of my head. I'm doing pretty good now, but every time I brake and slow down when driving, I can't help but tensing up and expecting the car behind me to crash into me. Not necessarily the funnest, especially in stop and go traffic on the freeway. Hopefully that's something I'll get over time.
this was the car behind me..they got it way worse and the people driving it weren't even the owners of the car, so that was unfortunate.

So basically I didn't get to see Studio C (I was really sad about that) and it's goodbye to the orange car. It was going to cost more to fix than it was worth, so the person's insurance company totaled the car and is giving us money for it instead. Crazy day. I guess a car crash is pretty epic too, but not necessarily in a positive way.

Friday: I had one class in the morning this day and I left really late and rushed. About a block from my apartment to campus, my wonderful roommate Jessica pulled up and gave me a quick ride to campus. She's the best! That was my only class, and since it was Comic Con weekend, my sister and I headed up to Salt Lake. Our younger sister Sidney's birthday was that day and since she's going to school at the U, we  took her out to lunch and gave her flowers. I think she really liked it and it was a lot of fun! We had Costa Vida which was delicious. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture!

After that, Carina and I headed to Comic Con and met up with my friend Andre. We had such a great time there seeing all the costumes and vendors and such. It was dang crazy though. There were SO many people.
(sorry the quality of some of these pictures are so bad! They were from my phone and then I emailed them to myself and the quality went down a lot)

That night, I had the absolute wonderful pleasure of going to see Sutton Foster at BYU. She was there for two nights and my roommate Olivia was the BEST and got me a ticket. I couldn't thank her enough and was sooooo excited to go. And man, was she incredible! She sang a plethora of songs from her album Wish and her friend Megan McGinnis (who performed in Little Women with Sutton on broadway) was also there for a few songs. It was so amazing and I'm still finding myself singing those songs and listening to them and hearing them the way she sung them. I can't find her version of it anywhere unfortunately, but she sang a lovely rendition of James Taylor's "You Can Close Your Eyes" that I absolutely adored.

Afterwards, she did signings and YES I got to meet her! Dream come true right there. I've always admired Sutton and especially loved her on the show Bunheads. We couldn't take pictures with her, just of her, so all of us in line coordinated with each other so that we took pictures of each other when she was signing our stuff. So yes, what you see below is me and SUTTON FOSTER. whatev, no big deal ;)

I also got a picture with Megan McGinnis who was just the absolute sweetest.

So yeah, Friday was pretty much an amazing day overall.

Saturday: I face painted at a few events until the early afternoon and then headed over to Comic Con again with my siblings and our cousin Shayden. We got to see more vendors and see a few dance numbers from Odyssey Dance Theater's Thriller, which was way cool. At both days of Comic Con I got a ton of Harry Potter merchandise! I got my time turner the day before and on Saturday I found a bunch of really fun prints. #potterheadheaven ;) That night I went to my family's house and we went to Cold Stone to get ice cream for Sidney's birthday, which was quite delicious, as Cold Stone always is!

Sunday (by this time the epicness of the week finally died down, but I might as well still blog about it): Went to church with my family, picked sunflowers with Gracie after church :) and that night we celebrated Sidney's birthday with all our relatives. I got Sidney a foot bath since she dances like three hours a day and always soaks her feet at the end of the day. I've been wanting to get her that for a while so I was so happy to give it to her and I think she was pretty happy to get it! I loooooove giving gifts--it's totally my love language--and it seriously makes me so happy to give people the perfect gift or to receive an amazing gift. It's my favorite.

So all in all, pretty great week! Obviously, I've done a few more fun things since then so I'll try and post about those soon-ish. Provo Fashion Week is two weeks away and I'm finishing up my collection! So hopefully all of that will be covered in due time. Haha having school at the same time as preparing for a fashion show is BUSY!

P.S. I will talk about this later, but you should totally COME to Provo Fashion Week! I'd love to see you there! You can go here to buy tickets! My collection is showing at 3:00 and 7:00 on Saturday, October 11th. :)

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