Provo Fashion Week (Part 2): the Runway Show

My blog...is pretty! And I love it. As you can see, I totally revamped the whole thing, and I'm very pleased with it. I think it needed a fresh look to make myself want to blog a little more and have a place I feel happy writing in. Pretty things are just more inspirational than ugly ones, don't you think? (not that I'm saying the old design was ugly!)

I know you are all dying with anticipation (sarcasm noted) to see the runway photos from Provo Fashion Week. Well....wait no longer! The post is here! The excitement is here! And clearly, the craziness is here! And I will try to stop it now!

The runway show was super fun. We didn't have a raised runway, which has pros and cons to it, but it was fun to have the models be more eye level to the audience so they could get a better look. It was in the Startup Building in Provo, which is a really cool, old building, and made an awesome location for a fashion show! One of my favorite parts of it were all the windows on the walls that made for great natural light, as you'll see in the photos. My models walked to this song, which I thought was a fun song for the runway. Anyway, less talk! Here are the photos. Thanks to my dad, LC Photography, and Jessakae Photography for getting such awesome pictures!

And there you have it folks..the runway show! Sorry for the photo overload, but it really was great. Fashion shows always give me such a rush! And I apologize, because I know you're probably sick of seeing these outfits, but I'm going to do individual posts for them...for posterity's sake, ya know?

Have a great weekend...I'm gonna be taking a spontaneous two-day trip to California where I'm going to buy tons of fabric in the LA Fashion District, yay! I promise to write all about it, I cannot wait!

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