[PFW Spring 2014] Look #1: Maxi Skirt

So I kind of love this look, especially the skirt, because it was honestly made on such a whim (a really good whim though!). It was less than a week to the show and I still had like two half looks to complete (this skirt and another one) so I was a little freaked out. I bought this fabric forever ago from Joann's for like $3 a yard and it caught my eye one night when I was struggling to feel inspired.

So I played around with draping a little, realized it would make a beautiful maxi skirt, and whipped it up in one night! Haha sometimes I really surprise myself. I'm insanely happy with how it turned out though. I think that fabric was clearly meant to be made into a maxi skirt.

This shirt is one of my new favorites. It's pretty simple but really cute. I did a little thing called reverse applique on the green triangles and was very pleased with the result. :)

Thanks to my sister Carina for modeling! I think I'm pretty ready to wear this look sometime, I just have to hem the skirt first because my sister is about four or so more inches taller than me and she's wearing heels in these photos haha. Let me know what you think!

For pictures of this look on the runway, go here.

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