Memorial Day 2014

Look at me, being so good at posting! Yay haha! I was reading a lot of my old blog posts the other day and realized how awesome it is to have my life documented here. So I'm going to try and be better at it. Don't take those words to heart though..

Memorial Day this year was great. Not gonna lie, my family (this includes relatives that live nearby--like my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle and their kids) is crazy. And sometimes it drives us cousins crazy. A lot of my mom's side lives close so we get together with them for Sunday dinners a lot and for holidays and stuff. It's fun and I love them to death, but it gets crazy I tell you. My mom and her family are from Guatemala but have lived in the US for a while (like 30 years or more than that) so I think problems arise when hispanic tendencies happen in an American culture. That doesn't really make sense but it happens.

For instance, they (the parents) have a hard time making decisions. And they also like not spending a lot of money. So we'll spend like ten minutes discussing different places that we can eat at with a coupon, and by the end of it, no decision will still be made, and in the end we often end up eating at a place with no coupon and everyone is just starving because they spent so much time deciding. Every year, Memorial Day is like the worst. Okay, not the worst, but definitely not the best ha. We try to go on a hike or do a picnic, but nobody can make decisions so it takes forever and just ends up being lame. One year, no joke, we couldn't decide where to have a picnic and at some point everyone was so hungry that we ended up just eating our food on the grassy area next to a building. Ladies and gentlemen, my family. ;)

But this year was maybe the best Memorial Day we've had! We got tickets ahead of time to ride the Heber Creeper, a fun train in Heber Valley. We did it like 15 years ago so I was a little kid and remembered having a blast, so it was fun to go again. Of course, we did end up being the last people on the train because we all got there like two minutes before it was about to leave (another thing about our family haha), but it was fun.  We ate a Dairy Keen afterward and had really good burgers and shakes. I'd definitely recommend eating there, it's so good! Oh and it's also been fun that our cousin Alex is now in Utah going to school here so we get to see him pretty regularly, I love it.
I bought these glasses for her at Claire's earlier in the day for $1...aren't they adorable?! A baby with hipster glasses>a a baby without them ;)

I didn't take a ton of pictures...buuuut I of course made a video! since I've been so into it lately. It's only two minutes and it's pretty cute so you should watch it if you want. :)

If you want to see all my other videos, my vimeo profile is here!

Also, I would just like to add that I really do love my family. Unfortunately the Saturday before, my car wouldn't start, and my dad and the rest of my family came to Provo to help me fix it on Monday. It was really great. My family might be crazy, but they're nice. And I love them.

Over and out, K.

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