Provo Fashion Week (Part 1): Backstage

I think I'd better start blogging about Provo Fashion Week before I forget about it all! First off, let me just say that being a part of PFW was awesome. It was a great experience and so cool to be part of Provo's first (and not last!) Fashion Week! It was way fun and I can't wait to tell you all about it. :)

We started out the day by going to Paul Mitchell for hair and makeup. They did such a great job and it was really nice to have them do it. Professional hair and makeup can make such a difference with the whole look.
We said this picture should be captioned as "look! models do eat!" Haha yes, they really do.

We got to the Startup Building after hair and makeup and got dressed up in clothes for the run-through. Here are all of my cute models in my collection! Also, I just have to say that I'm grateful I ended up with the six models I needed because three of my models canceled out on me within a week before the show. It was nuts and I was scrambling like crazy and SO stressed trying to get enough models. It all worked out though and they did great!

Here's a great view of the runway as we were waiting for the run-through to start. My collection showed first in the show so that was pretty fun.

I brought plenty of snacks to make sure no one was hungry so they all jumped on that, especially my sister Carina with the cookies haha.

All of us taking a few pictures before the show started! Geez I'm short..

Everyone lined up and ready for the show to start! There were two shows, one at 6:30 pm and another at 9:00 so I think the first picture is from the earlier show and the second picture from the later (hence the fact that it's darker).

Sorry I've been so bad at posting, but stay tuned for the post about the runway. I have a goal to post at least once a week now so hopefully I'll stick to it. Thanks for reading.. more to come! :)

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