Life recently has been good. All the Cutting Fashion stuff has been a blast and made me very happy, but I think even if all of that hadn't been going on right now, I'd still be happy. Oh, I should tell you that I got a job! I'm working at JCP as a Sales Associate, so nothing too exciting, but I like it. I like working at the cash register, I like the people I work with, and I like the cute clothes that I'll buy with my discount and money (once I start making some). Not being in school has been pretty nice, despite the fact that mentally it's taken some getting used to. It's weird not to be a student but it's perfect right now.

I love my roommates and I've been trying to soak up all the time I can with them before most of them graduate or get married and move on with their lives. We have late night talks about dating and being single, we go out to eat and get pizza, we try to do fun things on the weekends when we're not all busy--like going to Nickelcity, our Tuesday nights consist of watching the Bachelor and getting way more into it than we should ("noooooo!" "Send her home NOW!" "Wait, why did he send her home?! Everything I believe about Sean is shattered!"--dramatic stuff like that), and just hanging out at home as we eat dinner and do homework (or I browse on my laptop).

My sister Carina is in Provo now, which is the greatest. We see each other a few times during the week usually and get to go grocery shopping frequently since she drinks more milk than a baby and always seems to need more. I got to have her as one of my models in the fashion show, which was great because she did awesome and I had so much fun having someone close to me there. We have fun going to the dollar theater and talking about our crazy family and how we really do miss them.

I haven't been at home very much this semester, but I still find time to see my family when they're up in Utah County for one of my brother's gymnastics meets or I go meet them in Salt Lake. I got to go home this past weekend and take a quick trip with them to Colorado for another gymnastics meet and it was the greatest. It's nice to not have school and know that since work is my only commitment, it's really easy to get it off and go spend time with them if I want. The meet was fun too...it was at the Olympic Training Center, which was sweet and we got to meet John Orosco (men's gymnastics Olympian). I've seen a lot of my extended family recently too. I helped my uncles drive a truck to Wyoming where I got to see most of my dad's side of the family and go to my cousin's baptism. I got to see them all again this past weekend when we stopped in Cheyenne on our way to Colorado and on our way back home. We got to see my cousin Jenner open his mission call and find out he's leaving for the Peru Trujillo mission July 3, which is so exciting because my other cousin on that side of the family is also in Peru. A lot of my mom's side is in Utah so we see them frequently. They came to my fashion show which was fun. My aunt is having a baby girl which we're all ecstatic about so we're throwing her a baby shower this Saturday for it.

Also..our ant problem is fixed. We haven't seen any for a week since the maintenance guy (sidenote: did you know he's an artist?! Coolest maintenance guy ever!) put some stuff out to kill the ants (the stuff where they think it's food and then take it back and it kills all of them). Last night though, I did have a dream that there were ants crawling all over my wall and it was awful. Seriously, I will never get over how much I hate ants. A few more alsos....I've finished my 8th journal since I started college; our ward is having an Oscars night where every FHE group makes a video and ours is gonna be hilarious. I will be sure to share it on here when it's done; I am obsessed with the game Flow on my phone; I'm trying to read more--just finished "The Truth About Forever" by Sarah Dessen and would definitely recommend it; I love get togethers with other friends like I always do with my freshman roommates at brick oven; and of course still obsessing over Carrie Underwood and laughed with joy when I saw a vitamin water ad with her on it (didn't care for the message much though); I love g-chatting with friends near and far..I'm surprised we didn't think of doing it sooner, but it's the best way to keep in touch. I have the BEST friends; dating life is going surprisingly well, better than it ever has been before, tho I feel like these things are sometimes are to gauge...we'll see if I have anything to update on that soon... :) Oh and I'm going to bed earlier too because work tires me. No more staying up until 1 or 2 AM I suppose, huh?

Yep. Life is bueno. :)

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