Cutting Fashion [Part 4]: Mall Show

A week after the BYU show we were lucky enough to also be able to do a show at Provo Towne Centre Mall. Only 5 out of the 12 designers participated, so it was a lot shorter, but we had a lot of fun and I couldn't have been happier to do another show.

All my same models did it, except for one, so I have to give huge thanks and props to my roommate Heidi (in the red dress) for stepping in at the last minute to do the show! These girls seriously are the greatest, I love them.

It was fun to do the show in a different environment. There were chairs on both sides of the runway, but most the audience were people just doing their shopping and onlookers from above the balcony. There were a ton of them, though they went as quickly as they came haha. I liked doing it in a mall though, because it was more of a fashion-y (I know, it's definitely not a word) place and the people there obviously like clothes because they were in a place where you can shop to your heart's content for them.

After the show was over, we took a few more pictures together, models and designer. I think I kept wanting to take pictures because I kind of just didn't want it to be over.

And now it's done..for now at least. I would love to do some more shows at malls with the other designers, but we'll see if it happens or not. I hope that Cutting Fashion becomes a yearly thing though, and if it does, I definitely want to do it again next year for my last year (next year really will be my last one, I swear) at BYU. Either way, I love designing clothes. Love it SO much. And if anything, Cutting Fashion has just inspired me more to keep designing. The show may be done, but the designing has just begun. :)

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  1. This is so great! Way to go girl!!



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