Cutting Fashion [Part 2]: Runway Show

Sooo a fashion show is hard work, yes? I spent hours upon hours sewing my seven looks, fitting them on the models and then fixing the looks again, working out hair and makeup details, finding models, finding music for the show, doing rehearsals, etc. It was a lot of work. And some days while I was crazily sewing my looks I had fleeting thoughts wondering if it was all really going to be worth it. What if no one liked my collection? What if I didn't finish and had to send awful looking garments down the runway? What if nothing turned out the way I had sketched and designed? What if it wasn't everything I hoped it would be?

I think that no matter what line of work we're in, we are going to question ourselves every once in a while, and wonder if we made the right choice. Wonder if we would have been better suited somewhere else. Or wonder (and fear) if we might not even belong anywhere.

All these things crossed my mind at some point or another, whether it was a week before the show, or months ago when I didn't even know I'd be doing a fashion show. I doubted myself, I did. And then I got to be a part of all this:

And as I watched all of that happen, all of my designs walking out on the runway for hundreds to see, I knew I was doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. I was never happier, and that smile you see on my face above, is 110% real.

As I stood on the stage with all of the other designers at the end of the show, I felt radiant. And I thought, this is what being successful feels like. This is what it's like to follow your passion. Just so you know, it feels amazing.

I will never ever forget that day, that moment of my life. Because of that, I don't think I will ever ever stop designing. Or smiling. :)

[to see backstage photos and read part 1, go here]


  1. I was so glad that I got to go to this!!! You did an amazing job and it was awesome to see all your hard work get shown off! I really loved the half black/white dress with the red sash. Picture number 12 on here is absolutely gorgeous.
    I am so proud of you!!

  2. What a wonderful collection! Those red shorts look awesome! :)


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