For a few weeks now, our apartment has had some sort of ant infestation. Now before you go and start judging my roommates and me, I will have you know that for the most part, we are clean individuals. We sleep the floors, do our dishes, throw away bad food, do our laundry, etc. So there is NO REASON why we should have ants consistently crawling along our walls. And yet, they are everywhere. They love to crawl behind the sink (and then I get cups of water and pour them down the sink, the little buggers), on the walls in our kitchen and living room, and today I found one crawling on my bedroom wall (and my bedroom is actually the furthest one from the kitchen, which means they are now migrating through the house or have found another entrance in my bedroom--heaven forbid, PLEASE NO). With the one in my bedroom, I smashed it with my shoe and as I was carrying my shoe to the garbage, the ant fell off and is now located somewhere on my floor. There is a dead ant on my floor somewhere. Nononononoooooooooo.

I am the girliest girl that I know. I hate bugs--they really freak me out, and I can't kill them because I get too scared or grossed out. I can smash a bug with a shoe, but then someone else has to pick it up with a tissue for me because I just can't. I cannot. So gross. Imagine my fright and horror of living in a house infested with ants. We were keeping tally for a while but that stopped because the numbers got out of hand (let's just say they went past the 50s, and that tally ended a week ago..I shudder at the thought). We got some ant traps and have set them up around the apartment and we also put vinegar on the walls, but they are still here. We thought we were seeing less of them but after this week, I'm convinced that's definitely not true.

So now I ask you, in this moment of desperation and tears (this seriously is awful...I don't want to live in a place with ants everywhere), what do I do? Any tips on getting rid of ants other than what we've already done? We also talked to the landlords but they don't seem to be willing to help us any time soon, although I think we might need to get an exterminator if the ants don't go away.

Seriously though...HELP ME!!!!

(And obviously this has nothing to do with this post, but Happy Valentine's Day! May it be ant-less and filled with love, whether its from a significant other, a friend, your parents, or from me! Have a wonderful day!)


  1. Dang, I wish I remember the name of the ant killer we used in our old place. It's like sand, and the ants take it like food and bring it back to the main nest, and they all die. It really works. Maybe google it.

    At least they aren't scorpions. Scorpions refuse to DIE, and I'm too afraid to get close enough to kill them!

    1. Thanks, I will have to get some of that stuff to try and kill them! It sounds like a good idea. Have you had scorpions before?! That would be so scary!! I think I would just move out right away haha.

  2. Oh God. That happened to me like two years ago, suddenly my whole room was full of ants... It was disgusting and I didn't know what to do!
    I bought an ant killer that looked like "food" for them, it attracted them and they ate that "food" and ended up dying.
    Good luck, hope those ants get out as soon as possible!
    xx, thenylover.blogspot.com


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