Grand Canyon Video

So you might remember a post I wrote about a roadtrip my friends I took to the Grand Canyon back in April (here's the post). If you didn't read it, you totally should because it was such a fun trip! Anyway, in addition to taking a gazillion photos, I also took a gazillion and one videos while we were there. And then did nothing with them. Okay, well that's actually not true. Back in May one night I was working on compiling them into one video and I finished the whole thing on Windows Movie Maker and was just about to save when...it crashed. :( And since I hadn't been saving the whole thing throughout the way, all my work was totally gone. Obviously by that point I was super frustrated and was like, "fine I'll just make it again later. Grrr." But I never did make it again and those videos have sat in a folder gathering cyberdust. I couldn't just do nothing with them though, so last night I finally buckled down and made a video (making sure to save very frequently) of our grand canyon trip. I don't claim to be any sort of videographer, but here is the video. Enjoy!

Now that it's all said and done, I'm super happy that I took those videos. Videos can capture so much more than pictures sometimes, ya know? Anyway, I hope you liked it!

P.S. NY Fashion Week starts TODAY!! So wish I were there. But I suppose I will be happy do my own fashion show on Saturday (it's in TWO days, can you believe it?!).

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