Cutting Fashion [Part 1]: Backstage

I suppose I should start blogging about the Cutting Fashion show, considering it happened over a week ago and I don't want to get behind like I often do. It's kind of a daunting thing to think about blogging about it all, because there was so much! There's also probably a little part of me that doesn't want to blog about it because then that means it's over, and that's a little sad. But anyway...here goes!

The morning of the show, I was so SO excited. I woke up a little later than planned and had butterflies in my stomach (the good, excited kind, not the nervous kind) pretty much the whole day. Everything that I needed to bring to the show I got ready the night before so that I wouldn't be stressed in the morning. I got ready and made myself look cute and then went a little early before call time to set up my booth for the meet and greet after the show. Call time was at noon, so all my models got there a little bit before then. We had a quick run-through with all the designers and models to make sure the music was right and that everyone had a good idea of what the runway would look like. When I got there that morning, I was already so excited to see the runway up and in place and all the chairs set up around it.
sorry this photo came from my phone, so it doesn't have super great quality
My models and I went and found a room in the building to go and practice on our own before we got ready because they just wanted to make sure they knew what they were doing and had everything exactly right. After that it was time for hair and makeup! We were so lucky to have the Paul Mitchell school come in and help us out with hair and makeup so we didn't have to do it. All the girls had fun hanging out and getting all prettied up. :) For makeup I had my models in a dramatic smokey eye and then for hair we did braided back ponytails that looked pretty cool. I wanted a sleek look and I wanted everyone to look the same so it worked out great.

After hair and makeup it was time to get dressed and put jewelry on! Before the second show, we obviously had a little more time so that consisted of being silly and dancing to Justin Bieber. So classy, I know :)

And then once everyone was all ready, we took a few pictures before it was time to go on (I apologize in advance for any blurry photos..sometimes I don't understand my camera haha).
definitely one of my favorite pictures!!
About my models...let me just say how much I totally adore these girls! For one, they were the best models I could have asked for. They were able to make it to the rehearsal, the photoshoot, and were on time for the show. They were also totally available and easy to schedule with when I did fittings with them. When I told them what I wanted them to do on the runway, they did it so easily and walked with power like they were at NY Fashion Week. They were also so fun to be around. We had so much fun together and got to be great friends. I'm pretty confident that I had the best models in the whole show. You'll see more photos of them on the runway in the next post, but for now I just want to say to Ellen, Katie, Sahara, Kimberly, Emily, Carina, and Breanna...thank you for being the most amazing models, sweetest girls, and the greatest friends! I totally love these girls :)

Next post will be the runway rundown! Get excited! If you want to read more about Cutting Fashion stuff though, you can just click on this link and it'll take you to the Cutting Fashion label.

[to see photos from part 2, the runway show, click here]

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