kaileemade: A Red Bridesmaid Dress

Sometimes things totally get tossed under the back burner on this blog and I never get around to posting them. Oops. But remember when I blogged about my friend Sarah's wedding back here? I mentioned that I got to be a bridesmaid and for the dresses Sarah had everyone just find their own in one of her colors (red, yellow, or grey). I looked all over in the mall and everywhere to see if I could find anything that matched the colors perfectly and was cute and modest. But there was nothing, so I just decided to make the dress! I think it turned out really cute too. :) I took these pictures later on just so I could have some good photos of the dress (I really need to find other people to model my clothes haha).

It turned out way cute! I hardly sewed over the summer when I was in Boston, but at the end I did make this dress and I love how it turned out. Wanna see pictures of it at the wedding? All photo cred goes to Lora Grady Photography.

You know, one of the greatest things about knowing how to sew is that I can make things whenever I want and exactly how I want. And have it be the only one of it's kind in the world. Yeah, it's pretty fun. :)


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