My Best Friend's Wedding

(l to r) Lauren, Alyne, Jessica, Sarah, Me
In about the past one and a half to two years I've become really close with four other girls--Sarah, Alyne, Lauren, and Jessica--who I would definitely have to call my best friends. They literally know pretty much everything about me, I can talk to them about anything, and we have so much fun together! Our friendship has been filled with many nights of making granola bars and falafel, late nights just talking and laughing so hard in the "no shhh zone" in the library, at the Coffee Pod, or in Alyne's basement, drooling over the gorgeous Ryan Gosling, and dozens of other hangouts doing the most fun things. Sometimes that stuff is probably only fun too because it's been with fun people. Anyways, I love these girls to death and though life is always changing and is always crazy, we try to make time for each other and support each other no matter what. Right now Jessica is on a mission :( but just this past Saturday, Sarah got married to Devin, the love of her life! Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, Lauren and Alyne couldn't come, but I got to go and be a bridesmaid and have so much fun.

I didn't get a ton of pictures, just because I wanted to just have fun and there was already a photographer there taking all pictures needed, but here are a few from Sarah's special day.

It was so beautiful! They got married in the Draper temple (sorry, didn't get any photos of that, though I should have!) and then had their reception in downtown Provo on the rooftop. It's the top of a parking garage where they hold the rooftop concert series in the summer. It was such a beautiful place to have a reception, even though earlier in the day it was kind of hot. They had lights strung around as well as picture frames of the cute couple on all of the pillars.

Dinner was catered, yummy tex-mex style, and had some speeches from parents and siblings. Sarah and Devin sang this song to everyone (but mostly each other) which was really cute and beautiful since they both have amazing singing voices.

Sarah is crazy, but awesome, because she made her own cake for her wedding! She is an amazing cook and makes really gorgeous cakes. She started a blog for her cakes and if you ever want her to make your wedding cake, go there and contact her. Seeing the pictures above--and if you had tasted the cake!--you won't be disappointed. They cut the cake and totally shoved it at each other. I always love when couples do that because it's really fun and it shows they can be totally silly around each other and be fine with it.

Dinner was followed by dancing and then we all lit sparklers as they ran down to their car and off on their honeymoon!

It was a wonderful day. I had a lot of fun with the other bridesmaids and because I love weddings in general. I'm soooo happy for Sarah to have found such a wonderful husband and I wish them the absolute best together. I'm so happy that she gave me a chance to be a part of her special day :)

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  1. so cute! I love where they had their reception. what a fun idea.


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