a braided headband

While I'm waiting for the new Pretty Little Liars episode to buffer (links on sidereel if you wanna watch shows the night of their release date) I'm doing a blog post to try and keep up with my one post a day goal :)

So I love headbands. I think they are super cute and can dress up hair no matter what. Sometimes they become problematic though because they hurt your head after like 2 hours of wear time or if they go all around your head, sometimes they lift up the hair under and it shows through looking kinda funny.

I tried a french braid headband and it worked great! I've wanted to do one of these forever and I'm always french braiding my hair, but I guess I wasn't sure I could do. This hairstyle will probably become a regular occurence, considering it's made of out of my own hair so all the complications don't exist anymore.
These pictures are like the worst, but from what you can see, how do you think it looks?

For some strange reason, I really like the below picture. Maybe because it's how I look on an every day basis. I have an awful mole on one of my eyebrows and whenever I smile, one of my eyes is a little smaller than the other one (which bugs me so much sometimes!), and my nose is big. All are kind of non-desirable qualities when I look in the mirror, but in this picture they don't seem as bad. (Well, at least I don't think so. And since I'm on a happy basis with my eyes, mole, and nose right now, please don't correct me if I'm wrong ;))

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  1. I am your newest follower! Love the blog and the braided headband!


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