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I've now been home for a week! And man, has it been great. It's weird to be away from Boston and think about all that stuff. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and forget where I am. But I'm so happy I was able to come home and spend most of August with the fam. It's been great. I didn't realize how much I actually missed them! Funny though because it feels like Boston was almost a dream and like I never left Utah. Of course I have plenty of pictures to prove that I did indeed spend my whole summer in Boston. It's insane to think it's over.

Last week I got home Thursday morning. Gracie was soooo happy to see me! She said that now I can't leave for a long time and next time I need to come back earlier. And she keeps thinking I'm going to leave to Boston again. It's so cute. I love how close we are. I went with my mom to take Gracie to swimming lessons that morning.

We had Sunday dinner with our extended family on Sunday to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was fun to see my aunt and uncle, cousins, and grandparents again, who I haven't seen all summer!

Monday night for family home evening, we celebrated my dad's birthday, which happened on Saturday, by going to see the local city play, Hello Dolly. I'd never seen the musical but it was actually very good! It was outside so we just brought blankets to sit down on and watch.
All the girls in my family!

After the play Cee Ryle had a gift card to Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt place, so we all went and had frozen yogurt. It was a great sight, all seven of us surrounding a little table. We're used to it by now, and we were mostly just happy to all be together.

I can't post pictures from it, but yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to go to Goshen and be an extra in one of the New Testament videos that the church has been putting out! We filmed the "Feeding the 5,000" story. It was a long, hot day, and we wore clothing like they would have worn back then, so obviously that only made us hotter. It was such a great experience though and as soon as the video is posted, I'll share it! I think you'll probably be able to see me, my mom and sisters (Carina and Sidney) in it. :) This is one of the videos that came out a while ago. My mom's in this one because she did a lot of filming last summer. Check at 0:32 seconds to see her.

Tonight I went with my Cee Ryle, Sidney, and our cousin Shayden to Get Air!, a place in Kaysville  filled with trampolines and foam pits and stuff. Cee Ryle had passes there so we used those to get in (in case you're wondering, Cee Ryle got second place in the regional spelling bee, the one right before the DC bee, so he won a ton of stuff, including the Get Air passes and the Orange Leaf gift card...just to clarify that my brother isn't this wealthy thirteen year old haha). It's very similar to Jump On It, if you've heard of that. It was super fun! I'm definitely not an athletic, flexible, or acrobatic person, but I still came out sweaty and happy when our hour was up.
my sweaty, but still cute lil' bro ;)

It's been a fun week home! My aunt and uncle, Zildy and Jonas, are in Costa Rica for the week so we're watching their kids, Shayden, Jasmine, and Tayevion. Gracie and Cee Ryle have been having the time of their lives, and we always love having more people around! I've also been making some extra money this week subbing at the day care that I worked at two years ago. It makes me miss it all over again. Next week is Education Week so I'll be heading back to Provo to work in the bookstore. My fourth and last year at BYU and the bookstore is just about to begin :)

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  1. How cool, how cool, how cool!!!! You were an extra for a Church's video!!!! Even cooler the fact that today my seminary class (I'm a seminary teacher) was about the baptism of Jesus, I just went online after my class to see some blogs, and found this :D coool!!!!!


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