Beautiful Heartbreaks

Hm. I'm just at a loss of what to write for this post. Actually maybe not. I have been watching or listening to this video multiple times every day this week. It is absolutely beautiful and comforting. Watch it. :)

Really, that song is amazing. With things I struggle with, or have struggled with, lately I've been so mad that I have them. It's not my fault that I struggle with certain things or have different trials, and it is not my fault that some of those things I have to choose to overcome and that they are so difficult to handle. Life is just so hard. But watching this video has been incredibly helpful because it let me realize that when these things happen, the view absolutely wonderful when you overcome them. The harder the challenge, the better the view...And it can become such a beautiful heartbreak to overcome these things. Because no, it's not my fault that I have different trials. But how wonderful if I can overcome them and turn them into something beautiful.

I think about Stephanie Nielson (in the video) and how she was burned by a fire, but no one looks at her as a problem or a trial. She is just seen as beautiful. Beautiful because she overcame something incredibly hard. I want to be like Stephanie and others like her one day. Anyways..those are just my thoughts of the day..

On a completely different sidenote, I really love this outfit. Red and yellow look just lovely together. And they are fall colors that can never go out of season! Plus the glasses just add something else altogether..something awesome haha. And one more sidenote....HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I will be sure to spill all the deets on my costume and Halloween events and such tomorrow!

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