P.S. I Love My Coral Blazer

I love this outfit! The blazer just makes it and I especially love the touch that the ballerina necklace (above) gives it. Plus I love the oxfords, the bag, the color scheme. And the blazer. Did you know I really love my coral blazer? Just so you know..I love my blazer :)

Wow, I look so happy in these pictures! I love it! I just love how happy I am these days because it's wonderful and it shows. A year ago was a different story...but I'm happy now!! Soooo happy!

One thing that makes me happy is that my birthday is tomorrow! What?! I'm gonna be 20 and it's still freaking me out. At least I have a year to get used to it, right? I got to go home for the weekend to watch General Conference and celebrate my birthday with my family! It was so fun. Saturday we watched conference and I also played with chalk with my sibs, Gracie and Cee Ryle. Oh and during conference they announced that they were going to rebuild Provo Tabernacle into another Provo temple! It was awesome news! Then in between conference sessions we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which was super delish. We'd never been there before but were definitely satisfied! And yes, they sang to me. ;) That night while my dad and brother were at priesthood session, all of us girls went thrifting with my aunt, grandma, and cousins, which was pretty fun. I got some good stuff including a purple blazer, a men's shirt in a pretty mustard yellow color (I'm gonna refashion it into something like this, this, or this), a skinny gray belt, some white Keds, and the book Deception Point by Dan Brown.
On Sunday we watched General Conference again and celebrated my birthday! My relatives came over and we had cake and ice cream and opened presents. Gracie and I picked raspberries from our raspberry bush too. :) Man I love that little girl soooo much! Oooh, but guess what I got? A new camera! EEEE! It's actually my dad's old one (not that it's old) that I use every time I go home and my parents gave it to me, so I'm pretty ecstatic! Its a Fujifilm Finepix S7000 and I can't wait to take lots of fun pictures with it! 
Gracie got me a Dorothy barbie! :)
Happy as can be with my new camera!
The Minnie Mouse cake my mom made! She always makes ammaaazing cakes :D
best friends :)
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and I wouldn't have wanted it spent any other way! My family made me feel so loved for my birthday, and honestly, that's all that I really want for my birthday--to be loved! (although I'm definitely not complaining about the camera..haha) As for my real birthday tomorrow, I truly have no idea what I'm doing besides the usual school stuff! Hopefully something lots of fun. Of course I do have two papers due and a test to take this week so who knows. ;)

Oh and this is random but does anyone have any ideas of what 5 girls can be for Halloween? We're trying to figure out a costume for our department at work and I would gladly take any ideas! Thanks!

P.S. I love my blazer!! haha, I had to ;)

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