[Ultimate Harry Potter Party] It's Party Time!

Sorry this post is late! I've been busy and tired and life is crazy. :) But I'm excited to tell you about the actual party!

First, the costumes. Below is a picture of Katie and I! We went to DI the day of the party in search for some awesome stuff to use for our costumes. Katie wanted to be a Gryffindor and I knew I had to be a Ravenclaw, considering that's what I got sorted as on Pottermore (trust me, it's official!). We found some perfect ties for our costumes--Katie and red and gold tie, and me a blue and silver one. It's like they were just waiting for us! Then we just used white button down shirt and black skirts. We got some awesome socks at the dollar store and wore black shoes. Katie's Gryffindor cardigan is actually mine that I let her borrow. I love that cardigan. :) I got it at Hot Topic in July for the midnight showing of the movie. And I just pinned one of our badges from the sorting hat to show my Ravenclaw-ness. For such last minute costumes, I think we did pretty great!

People actually started showing up for the party just a little bit after 8:30, which was awesome! We were so happy to see many dressed in their wizard/Harry Potter attire. :)
For my birthday, my aunt gave me a SWEET wand! In case you're interested, my official wand (as said in Pottermore) is 10 1/4 inches, Vine with a Unicorn core, and slightly yielding. Yes. Closer picture below. I definitely carried it around the whole party and (how nerdy and I for saying this) but it felt so natural to just carry around a wand! I say we all replace our cell phones with wands. SO much cooler.

 Many of our wizarding friends were in attendance. You can see Ron and Bellatrix in the picture below and Luna Lovegood a few pictures down :)

We also spontaneously decided to play Harry Potter charades! We divided up whoever wanted to play into Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs against Ravenclaws and Slytherins. They acted out different things like characters, spells, creatures, and so forth. Lots of fun!!

Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs (Professor Trelawney is holding the "badger")!

Slytherins and Ravenclaws (you can see Narcissa Malfoy was also in attendance..)

This is the only picture I got of charades and I'm not sure what is being acted out here, but it's nonetheless prove of our party activities. :)

And then there were lots more friends...

Roomies! I love this picture :D

Haha this was so funny. These two boys randomly came in running in our apartment and they said that he stole the egg from the Hungarian Horntail. Too great!!

Lots of socks :)

And then after everyone left we got crazy. Katie had new plans for her tie. We were obviously a little delirious. Maybe there were gnargles in the air? ;)

And one last picture to end our awesome night!

So all in all, I have absolutely no regrets. The party turned out as awesome as we wanted it to be and it was SO fun. Seriously, it was probably one of the best nights of my life, because I just love Harry Potter so much! It took a lot of work, but it was all totally worth it because it was a really fun party. People kept telling us how impressed they were too and how it was one of their favorite parties they have ever been to. Success? Most definitely. :D

[Total Budget Spent] $85.85

[Party Worth] Priceless!

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