Never Say Never!

Black and brown...you know I really used to hate the color combination, but I love it now. I'm always wearing my brown bag (pictured above) with everything, especially my black dresses. And then I wore the belt on top of the black as well. I don't know how..but somehow it works, and I like it :)

Also this bun updo thing going on. Ever since I had stopped taking ballet classes I hadn't worn my hair in a bun in so long and I didn't want to. Maybe it was the fact that I missed dance but I was just trying to cut it out my life completely, because buns are really a ballerina's look...or it also could have been the fact that buns are uncomfortable and not necessarily attractive unless you're in a black leotard and pink tights. ;) But now here I am wearing these messy buns on top of my head at least once if not twice a week. And I love them. And they're not the typical tight ballerina bun, so I like it. These buns have popped up all over campus this fall! I like to call it the "blogger bun" considering it's popped up all over the blogosphere as well haha.

And then this dress...it's DownEast Basics and its actually the first clothing item I ever bought from work, even though I said I'd never buy a DownEast dress because they are so expensive (and now I have other reasons for disliking them as well...) and I said I'd probably never buy something from the bookstore. Yet here are these pictures, and here is the dress. And, well..I love it. :)

So lesson learned folks, you can never say never!

P.S. If you really want to hear my reason for why I dislike DownEast Basics so much these days, I might tell you...if enough people click the "like" button at the bottom of this post. It's a dramatic reason really, but a reason nonetheless.

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