I think that we have all have "signs." Some of them are hanging around our necks, and others are hiding under our bed. I think we all wish we could share the latter of the signs openly. But because we are too scared to do so, we just give little hints or small signs, hoping someone will notice. The signs hanging around our necks  are true, but they don't tell our whole story, only the good parts. My sign says something like this:

I'm Kailee. I'm a girl who loves fashion, Carrie Underwood, Harry Potter, and the color purple. I wear cute outfits every day and then post them on my blog for everyone to see. I have so many great friends, I go on a lot of dates, and I live close to a family who I adore and who loves me. I go to BYU, am majoring in Family Studies, and I love it a lot. I have a great job where I get to do displays and change mannequins and work with super fun people. I love to listen to people and be there for my friends when they need someone. I am such a happy girl and I have a wonderful and lucky life.

All that is pretty much completely true. Yet I read that, and I know there is so much more to me than that paragraph. Those aren't the things I'm usually thinking in my head and they are not the only things that rule what is going on in my life. Wouldn't it be nice if we could walk around with signs on our neck that shared things that we were struggling with or going through? We'd probably stop being jealous of others and instead be kind to every person we meet. My sign like that would be something like this:

I'm Kailee. Today I came home and cried, because I cry a lot and because life can be really difficult sometimes. One of my best friends is leaving on a mission today. I'm trying so hard to not fall behind in school because last semester I really didn't get the best grades. I get so distracted sometimes and I'm trying to manage that and school and friend time. My job has been stressing me out lately and putting a lot of pressure on me. I've never been kissed and never had a boyfriend, and sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever love me, treat me like a princess, and want to marry me. I feel like I never dress cute enough. I feel like I'm competing with the blogging world to be successful in everything in life and I'm failing miserably. I'm so insecure and struggle with things that only my journal and close friends know about. Please be nice to me, because I just don't know if I can take anything else today without breaking down.

Both signs are true, but one is hidden inside.
Everyone has these signs, yet do we really think about it or realize it? Sometimes we get so annoyed when a person at a store is rude to us or we take offense when someone is acting more shy than usual towards us, but maybe that's one of their little signs that something is wrong. Do we ever think that maybe when someone is taking a nap or going to bed early, it's because they are exhausted from life? Or when they end up showing late for something, it's because they were trying to deal with other difficult, more important things? Do we realize that maybe a girl who won't talk to anyone isn't stuck up, but just scared of people and what they'll think of her?

We all have our own signs. What does yours read? Let's try and be understanding and kind to everyone we meet, because you never know what their sign might read. Remember, there are two signs, but we usually only see one.

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