Rain Boot Weather

Here in Utah...winter weather has come a little early. The day I wore this get-up, it rained all day and even snowed a little. SNOWED! Yes. Welcome to my state. I only wish when I said my state that I meant California....ah, a girl can dream, right?

I got my rainboots from Target last year...and I love them. :) They keep my feet warm and dry. I learned freshman year of college after owning only one pair of boots that got water in them constantly that there was only one wait to walk around at school in the rain and snow with some sensible style. Rain boots. Aka life savers!

At least life is still fairly happy regardless of the rain. :)

P.S. I also looove my coat too! I got it for $7 at a DownEast/Modbe sale. It's warm and very cute. Although two of the buttons already came off. :( DownEast and their companies aren't always known for making the best quality stuff unfortunately. That's why if I buy something from them (not the basics, like the camisoles and tees--those are fine), it's on sale. I don't wanna spend $50 for a dress that is going to fall apart the first time I wear it! Don't get me wrong...DownEast great, but I do just have a few (a lot) of frustrations with them....frustrations that I'll save for a later date. ;)

What's the weather like where you live? Rainy? Snowy? Sunny? Just plain cold?

What do you think about DownEast Basics? Quality of clothing and their designs...yay or nay? I really am curious!

Oh and I decided to make this week Harry Potter week, because my roommate and I are throwing a Harry Potter birthday party (both our birthdays were last week) this Friday that is going to be awesome! So I'm in quite the Harry Potter mood more than usual. I'll give you a Harry Potter video or picture every day this week! And then after that I think I'm officially naming Wizard Wednesday on my blog to celebrate Harry Potter every week cuz I love it so much. :D
Here's today's video...I love this because it encompasses all the emotions of why so many love HP so much.

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