Best. Day. EVER! :)

Sooo..it was my birthday yesterday! And can I just say that it was absolutely wonderful?! I couldn't have chosen a better way to transition into 20. I really had absolutely no plans for my birthday, except to go to work and school, which honestly was totally fine by me, but it turned out even better than planned! I woke up to my roommates surprising me with breakfast (pancakes complete with nutella, strawberries, and bacon on the side..yum!) and a decorated apartment! It made me soooo happy!
After being happily filled with love and friendship and food ;), I went to work. Cara, one of my coworkers brought purple cupcakes and a card, which so nice of her! Also, I got my yearly free fudge that the bookstore always gives to its employees on their birthday. :D (sorry no pictures of the cupcakes, though I should have taken some because they were cute!). After that I went to the Homecoming Week kick off celebration thing and ran into my friends Amy and Kirsi there, which was awesome because I would have ended up sitting alone otherwise. After that, I had class (Human Development) and then was just walking around until my work meeting when I ran into Cara (from work) again! It turned out that they were serving free hamburgers on campus for Homecoming week so we waited in line for that and got a free lunch! I like to say they were doing it in honor of my birthday hehe. Then I went to a work meeting, came home and did some homework.

Haha this is the funny part. My roommate Heidi was going to the grocery store to get some cake stuff because she said her aunt needed it for like a young women activity. So I asked her if I could go too, totally oblivious. We went to the guitar class that we're taking together at 6 and then we got back and SURPRISE! there were a bunch of people in my ward in my apartment for a mini surprise party my roommates planned for me! I had no idea it was coming! The funny part is that Heidi went to the store to get stuff to make cupcakes for me! Yeah, I had no idea, which made it all the funnier that I was actually with her while she was getting it. But I was extremely surprised and so grateful that they did that for me.
After that, Katie, Heidi, and I went to the creamery on a search for their Graham Canyon flavored ice cream. Katie and I had never tried it and every time we went, it was always gone! And according to practically everyone else, it was delicious. So we decided that it was time to find it, especially since it was our birthdays (Katie's birthday is today!). We were going to go to all the creameries on campus, but we didn't have to because it was there! Happy day! Katie and I can now confirm to you that yes, Graham Canyon is indeed delicious. Mmmmm.

So you ask me now, after the long descriptions of my celebrations, did I have a good birthday? And between the weekend celebrations with my family and the day celebrations with my friends and roommates, I can definitely say that yes, I had an AMAZING birthday! Probably the best one ever. I'm sooo grateful for my family and how much they love me and show it to me. I'm sooo soooo very grateful for the best roommates ever. Seriously, if you think you have great roommates, you haven't met mine!

One year ago when I turned 19, I felt really lonely, unloved, and I even cried on my birthday (because I was sad). It was really hard. Well a year later, I'm 20, and I'm so grateful I went through all of that so that I could have the roommates I have now. This year, I'm surrounded by people that love me and truly care about me. And I'm crying. But this time...it's because I'm happy. :)

thank you so much to the best friends and family a girl could ever have!!! I love you!

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