Tutorial: How To Take in a Frumpy/Too Big Cardigan

So the cardigan I was wearing in the post yesterday and the one I'm wearing now is probably my new favorite cardigan! It's super cute and the perfect color, especially for fall. :) Buuut....I had to fix it first. I thrifted it, so it was a little big and didn't fit completely right and made me look baggy. I'm sure all of you have been able to relate to this at some point. Maybe you bought the cardigan and wore it because you liked the color and style but knew it really didn't look the best on you. Or maybe you saw it in the store, tried it on, and put it back because it just didn't look right. Or maybe you bought and never wore it. Either way, I feel like we all try on cardigans like these! So I've posted a tutorial on how to fix them and make them fit better!

Does your cardigan look like this and make you feel like this?

Then follow these easy instructions to fix your cardigan (and this can also work for t-shirts or dresses that are just a little too wide/big.

1. Take your cardigan and turn it inside-out, try it on and then either pin fit it (meaning you put pins on the spot where you want to take it in) or measure how many inches you will have to take it in to sew it on the side seams and arm seams

2. If you didn't pin fit it while on you, then take it off and measure how much is needed on each side and put the pins into place.

3. Get matching thread in your sewing machine and then sew along where you pinned the cardigan (it's still inside out at this point). See stitch lines below for an example of how I sewed it.

5. Turn it right side out and you're done! Easy right? And then you have a wonderful cardigan that fits great and looks like this and makes you feel like this:

I really do love my red cardigan so much more now after doing this and I wear it a lot more because it fits and looks a lot better! And it took me probably about 15 minutes. So go in your closet, pull out that too-big cardigan you never wear, and get sewing!! :)

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