[Ultimate Harry Potter Party] The Set-Up/Decorations

Ok this post is going to be a quickie because I'm tired. Sorry it's being posted so late!

So our set-up had to be fairly simple, considering we live in an apartment that isn't huge and is definitely more than 20 years old. Yes. So we did the best we could. We got tablecloths from the dollar store and covered the walls to make it look like the gryffindor common room. I printed out these cool posters and we put them on the wall to add a little more. We also got cobwebs and put them around the room and yellow and red crepe paper to put on the ceiling.
We were so exhausted after the party! This is the best picture I got of the whole set-up of the room.
Hogwarts house posters

I already showed pictures of the food but I figured I'd show these two again since they did have to do with the set-up of the party.

The Sorting Hat: We found this old black hat at DI (a thrift store--they're all over Utah) by "sheer dumb luck" (who said that in Harry Potter?! ;)). It didn't look exactly like the sorting hat in the movie or anything, but it definitely worked and served it's purpose. When people walked in, they reached into the hat, pulled out a house badge and then pinned it on themselves. Later on, the badges served a purpose when we played Harry Potter charades against houses (more on that next time).
Closer look at the sign
My roommate Kelsey is an art major (and in the BFA program!) and was awesome enough to draw a picture of the fat lady to put on the door! It turned out super sweet and she seriously got it done in like 15-20 minutes. Amazing, right??

Ha, we made a sign that said, "This Way to the Ministry of Magic" for the bathroom, since that's how people traveled to the Ministry in the books and movie. Clever! I found the idea from Pinterest and the original link is here. This is my friend Lauren pretending to travel to the Ministry of Magic!

And then...we have the animals... ;) So there's this museum on campus called the Bean Museum where they have TONS of dead animals that have been stuffed and put on display. Like these were all real animals at one point in time. Crazy, right?! They let you rent out a few animals for free (it's just like renting a library book) and you can get up to 10 if you want. Our original plan was to get owls, but when we got to the museum, they were all checked out! :( So then we decided to get the different house animals--a snake, raven, badger (except I think it was a wolverine, we just called it a badger, and a lion. Ha and Kelsey got a penguin as you can see in the picture and they even had a toad so we got that too and named him Trevor. :)

Honestly, when we were first getting them and putting them in my car, I didn't even want to touch them because I was so grossed out. Real animals that were now dead! Um...no. But then we had to carry them inside so I had to get over my high-maintenance ways and do it. And now..the animals are practically family because they've been in our apartment for almost a week!
Getting the animals from the museum into my car!
House animals
 My friend Lauren (picture above as Professor Trelawney) actually got two owls for us from the museum that morning (that's why there were no owls there!) and brought them with her when she came. They definitely completed the party! You can also see Trevor the Toad in the corner. We addressed an envelope to Albus Dumbledore and put it in the owl's beak.
 Now we just have eight dead, stuffed animals around our apartment...no big deal, right??

Read tomorrow to hear about the actual party!! Last Harry Potter party post! :( I hope you are enjoying hearing about the party as much as I am loving writing about it!!

Decorations: about $15 (for the tablecloths, spiderwebs, sorting hat, and the cost to print out the badges and posters)
Food: $52.85
Invitations: $18
Total: $85.85

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