Happy.Halloween. :)

How was Halloween for you all? Mine was pretty much fabulous. Want to know what I went as?....
Wonder Woman!!!

I think this became my new favorite costume of all the costumes I've done. And that's saying something, considering I've been a 50's girl for like 5 years of my life (one of them being last year). I loved it. Want to hear how it all came together? I found the dress part (the pink top with the pink skirt with the stars on it) at DI for $3. Total score! It's actually a little girl's costume, size 10. But it fit me and I loved it, I couldn't turn it away! But me being the procrastinator I am, I didn't really do anything else with the costume. So then yesterday finally, on Halloween day, I was about to succumb and be lumberjacks with some of my roommates (which was pretty funny, I have to say) and then decided that no, Wonder Woman was sweet and I was going to do it!

So with my inspiration as this (I looked up "pink wonder woman costume" in google images and about a gazillion pictures like this one showed up...it may be a little girl but it was the perfect go-to!) I set out to find something to go with the costume. And after going to DI again for a quick look around, I decided there was no way I was going to find anything too great to go with my costume from there, it was just too specific. So then I thought, you know, I can sew, so why don't I just make the rest of the stuff? So I did! I went to the fabric store and got some white, silver, and hot pink pleather to make the boots, the arm things, the belt, and the headband. I wanted some hot pink tights so I headed over to Target for those and found some great glittery pink tights in the girls section (they fit perfectly yes, and also they were the only hot pink tights left in the store!

When I got home it all surprisingly only took about 2 hours to sew it all, which is pretty good. The costume came together very nicely and I think one of the reasons I loved it so much is because I made a lot of it myself!

Anyways, I went to a trunk or treat my ward did and then went trick or treating to a few houses with other people in my ward. I am falling asleep because I'm writing this the night before you'll read it, so here's are some more pictures from the night.
Roomies :)
What did you guys go as? I really do love seeing what everyone wore for Halloween so please leave me a link to see your Halloween costume. :D

Ahh, guess what? It's November! Which means Thanksgiving is here! And Christmas is TWO MONTHS away! Wow. Time seriously just flies in this world!

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