Simple Joys

You know what is happy in life?

  -spending time with best friends
  -thrifting trips
  -getting letters in the mail
  -playing the guitar
  -cute places to eat dessert such as The Chocolate
  -amazing classes with teachers that really teach you not only about the subject of class but also teach you things that are applicable in your life--my human development teacher has this great quality
  -the prophet coming to give a devotional at my school!
  -finding Sperry shoes at DI (a thrift store)
  -not wearing any makeup but still feeling okay about it
  -writing meaningful posts

These are some of the simple joys in my life that I experienced yesterday. I didn't even look at yesterday as an awesome day, just a day, but now looking back on it, it was an incredible day! I think if we look for that every day we will find that every single day we live is truly incredible and something worth living for. :)

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