I'm just kind of sad right now and looking at these pictures makes me sad. I took them in the mirror because I was in my pajamas and totally forgot I hadn't taken pictures of this outfit. Usually I'll just go to bed, but I really loved the outfit so I put it back on and took some quick photos in the mirror...with my wonderful camera. I love my new camera, and guess what.

It broke.

It fell while I was taking outfit pictures (even though I was trying so so hard to make sure it was stable) and now it can't zoom or focus on anything, so when you look through the viewfinder it looks like a big blurry mess.

I'm SO sad. I couldn't blog yesterday because I was just sad and it still makes me wanna cry just writing this. I'm hoping it will get fixed but otherwise somehow I'll get another one (the same kind of camera). I seriously just feel like I lost my best friend and my most prized possession. I didn't know we could have feelings for such items as a camera, but it's how I feel.

So I'm sorry for crappy outfit photos (although I have to be honest that I do love mirror pictures) and I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday. But mostly I'm just really sad and sorry that my best friend is currently broken. :(

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