A Dress...and Choices

Is it just me or do I look super awkward in these pictures?! Except the last one, I like that one. This is the dress that I made a while ago. I made it without a pattern and still, almost 6 months later, I love it so much. Obviously it isn't perfect or perfectly made, and I do not want to brag, but this dress makes me happy. :)

Ya know, it's funny. Well not funny. My life is...crazy. I have so much going on right now and life is so hard and struggles come my way every single day. It's also good too, I love my job, roommates, school, and I feel so blessed. Life right now, is just...life, at it's best. And I am pretty darn happy living it right now. I think I am realizing these days that we choose happiness in our lives, nothing that happens in it, good or bad--although it can influence our choice--can make or break the fact of how happy or unhappy we are. So maybe instead of me saying life's good, because it isn't always good, I should just say that I'm good. I'm doing well in the life that was given to me and that I'm living.

We always hear so much about how attitude influences everything and it tends to go over our heads. But it's true. Listen to those true words, because I'm realizing that it does. I am happy in my crazy life and that is all pretty much my choice. You can choose too. :)

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